YouTube channel ideas without showing face or voice

Many people are looking to get started on YouTube and be a successful YouTuber. However, many of them avoid showing their face on YouTube Videos.

So many People abandon the thought of launching a YouTube channel because they’re scared of being seen on YouTube videos that they put up. Some users are nervous about showing off their faces on YouTube; some people are scared their audiences will rate them and some people might have other issues by showing themselves on YouTube.

Can we make videos without showing our face on YouTube?

This is the main question that arises in the mind of creators who are trying to get started on YouTube.

The monetization of YouTube has become very strict but if you are creating original videos then you can make good money from it.

The thing I will clear then once your channel is monetized then record your real voice over these videos because computer-generated voices will create problems for you.

So as long as you use the human voice, you can earn money online with your faceless YouTube channel. If you have a lot of followers or have confidence enough to show you face, you can always turn to show your face.

So I will share some ideas about YouTube videos, you can create without showing your face or voice.

Whiteboard Animation

This is a perfect way to launch a YouTube channel without your face showing. There is some software available, you can purchase online such as Video Scribe or Doodly.

You can learn this software by watching some tutorials on YouTube. These kinds of videos are used to teach your audience about something.

animation channel

animation video channel

Screen Recording Videos

There are lots of tutorials available on YouTube where many people teach you some coding or computer-related topics by using the screen of the computer.  If you want to know about the usage of software then you search on YouTube then such lectures are present on YouTube where the screen is used to show you all the detail about the software.

There is software like Camtasia, Wondershare Flimora, etc., which are used to record the screen of your computer. You can make videos by touching the following types of the topic as given below;

  • The usage of Photoshop.
  • How to register on a website.
  • Playing different games.
  • How to download software.

Presentation Slides

In fact, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote presentation slides to produce voice-over videos. With Google Slides you can even create slides and use them later to make videos.

In addition, they are perfect for making explanatory videos. You can make professional videos on YouTube with simple animations and designs.

PowerPoint offers a feature to record and video the slideshow and document the story via a slideshow. Presentation style videos are very helpful to guide your audience, so if you want to get started on YouTube then you can create such videos without showing your face.

Presentation Slides video

Presentation Slides videos

Products Reviews Videos

This is another great idea to create videos for your YouTube channel. You can review any product by showing the product only.

There are many channels on YouTube having millions of subscribers, which give reviews of different products.

This channel has millions of subscribers with videos of reviews of different products.

products reviews videos

products reviews videos

Gaming Videos

Nowadays the most trending niche on YouTube is gaming videos. Here you don’t need to be a live streamer like a ninja and play games on YouTube.

You take the example of Red Arcade.

Gaming video

Games videos channel

The videos of Red Arcade are just compilation of fail, crazy wins, some highlight from famous games like Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite. This channel has subscribers in millions.

You can use the gameplay videos to create voiceover videos on other niches if you don’t want a gaming channel to launch. With your gaming videos, you can create roast or YouTube news or update channels. Only show your gameplay on the screen and use a story behind your niche.


The main content of the podcasts is primarily in its audio so if you don’t want to show your face in YouTube videos, you can make podcasts.

Create a podcast channel on any niche of your interest. To convert your audio into a video for YouTube, you can just use static images for the whole video.

If a static image is not engaging then use moving graphics or infographics for podcast video.

Cooking Videos

Nowadays it is very trending and the audience likes to watch cooking videos. There are such channels available on YouTube which have millions of subscriber. If you know cooking then it is very easy to make such videos without showing your face.

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