World Wide Web

World Wide Web is a collection of huge information, logically unified and physically distributed all over the world. Everyone is allowed to see this information without any restriction. It is a common shared resource to the whole world. World Wide Web is a collection of millions of web pages and you can access any page of World Wide Web by sitting at home, power on your PC, having internet, having web browser in your PC.Browser is a tool, which is used to access World Wide Web. The first browser was Mosaic, developed at University of lllinois in 1993; this was text-based browser.URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator, URL is address of a web page. Each web page on World Wide Web has a unique URL. When you access a webpage, then there are many hyperlinks on the same page, you can move to other pages with help of these hyperlinks.Web site is a collection of related web pages. Web page is a cover or top page of a web site. Search engine is also very important tool. Search engine search new web pages or site on the World Wide Web and index the keywords of web site and list it. There is difference between web and internet. Web is a service and internet is an infrastructure, without internet you cannot access web.Web make a lot of impact on businesses like if a person is unknown to me, and he visit my business web, then he can easily access me. So our business is expanded through web or through social media.

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