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This guide will talk about WordPress SEO and the mystery behind the search engine. How does it function? And what strategies you have to adopt that search engine favor you. First, we try to understand the basics of Search Engine. We will cover some elements related to SEO, including websites, design, and content.

Today, it is so important to know about the importance of SEO as well as to learn how you can implement the principles of SEO. I believe that you will have good knowledge of SEO after reading this guide.

What is SEO?

It is a procedure used to increase a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine result pages. SEO guides us to be more search engine friendly and give a great user experience. 

There are many elements involved in the visibility of a site on Search engines such as design, keywords, and links. There are some factors of SEO that are not well defined, so learners can’t take full advantage of SEO and fail to rank their site on the search engines. 

The search engine is based on algorithms, the algorithms keep growing and updating with time. The updating process is continuous to help search engines deliver accurate and quality results.

How SEO Works?

The principles of SEO are based on some factors. 

  • You create a website and you want your website to be visible online.
  • The search engine sends a web crawler to index your website.
  • Your website is evaluated and the data about your website is stored in its database.
  • After evaluation, your website gets an initial ranking.

After some interval of time, the search engine sends a web crawler to revisit your site and update information about your site in its database. So if you are working on SEO of your site then the ranking of your site will increase.

Importance of SEO

We create a website for our audience or target our customers. Now people are able to find the website easily. Here you need SEO, to get the audience for you. After learning of SEO, you will know the tactics of how to design the website, how to create the content, so that people can be attracted to it. SEO will help you with more exposure to your website.

If you don’t know about SEO, then there is no meaning of your hard work because if you create a website and you have no visibility of your website then it means your website doesn’t exist. SEO will tell you why you have not enough traffic, it will guide you on how to enhance your ranking on the search engines.  

Who Will Do SEO?

If you have the basic skill of SEO then you are able to do SEO of your site. A person with SEO skills knows how to design a website and create quality content. Many tools are available to assist you in SEO of your website. It is a continuous process. You should keep your website updated and add content frequently, it also has a positive effect on the SEO of your site. Google likes fresh content, if you keep updating your site frequently then Google will consider it and will improve the ranking of the site.

Ranking Factors

There are some factors that positively or negatively affect the ranking of your site. You should be aware of it before starting working on SEO of your site. We have two main ranking factors as given below;

On-Page SEO

WordPress has many plugins that help you in on-page SEO of your site. We will discuss some things, you should work on it.

Page Loading Speed and Optimization

Google wants each page of your site to load fast. Google focuses on better user experience. So low loading speed of your site will have a bad effect on users, which will result in a high bounce rate,  so Google will penalize you to decrease your rank on the search engines. You will consider two factors, optimization of a page and loading speed of a page. 

Check whether your pages are optimized for different types of devices. Before choosing or purchasing a theme, you should test its mobile compatibility. 

Loading speed is very important if you want your website to be ranked higher on the search engine. Luckily the WordPress platform has very good features. Many plugins are available that will help you to load the pages of your website faster. These types of plugins you can install when the traffic of your site crosses a certain limit. 

User-friendly Layout

The layout of a website has a role in SEO. Good design and easy navigation on your website help users to move easily from one page to another page and find the content they are looking for. So users will spend more time, so the bounce rate will be low.

The layout of a website depends on a theme, you should search for a theme that looks attractive and simple for users to navigate. 

Keywords in URL

If you are targeting a specific keyword then you should place the keyword in the URL of your site. Go to setting then permalinks then change the option Post Name.

Yoast SEO

There are many SEO plugins available but I will recommend Yoast SEO. This plugin will help you to optimize each post and page of the site. It will automatically create the XML sitemap of your site. The sitemap contains all the URLs of posts and pages of the site, so it tells the search engine about the pages to index. 

This plugin analyzes each post and page according to SEO principles such as title, slug, meta description. It recommends if there is a need for any changes in the content.

Keyword Prominence

The keyword is the main target of SEO. it is important to place keywords in the following places, it will make our keyword more prominent. So if we follow the technique it will definitely enhance the ranking of our site. 

  • Title tag
  • Description tag
  • H1 tag
  • In the first paragraph
  • Meta description
  • SEO keyphrase
  • URL
Keyword Density

The keyword should be mentioned throughout the post. It should not look awkward but should place the keyword in a very logical way. You can use synonyms of the keyword in order to avoid keyword stuffing because it gives negative results in search engines. 

Page & Content Organization

The organization of content and pages should be handled carefully. Categories and subcategories are organized in such a way that can be easily indexed by the search engine, the users can easily navigate the pages.


Your posts should have more than 500 words but experts recommend that the length of the content should be between 1500 and 2500 words.


Don’t copy the content already available online because the search engine will penalize for plagiarism. 

Image Optimization

The optimization of the image is also necessary because it also helps in ranking of the site. You should include the keyword in the title, alt, caption, and description of the image.


Updates of the site is a very healthy way to keep alive in the search engine. When you update your old content and add some meaningful information to it then google considers it good for ranking. 

If you have an older version of WordPress then it is also a negative point for your website and Google will think that you are not taking your website seriously. 

So here you should be active to keep updating your content as well as plugins and themes. 


Security is very necessary for your website because if your site is hacked then it can be used for different purposes such as malware. So google doesn’t care whether you are responsible or not but you will be penalized. Google will deindex your site and all your efforts for SEO go waste.  

Outbound Link Quality and Relevancy

Backlinks are very important for the ranking of your site. You should consider two things: relevancy and domain authority. You should get links from the site having high domain authority and content relevancy. 

Number of Backlinks

If you have many backlinks from a site with low domain authority then it can give no benefits to you in the ranking. So you get backlinks from a site with high domain authority then it will transfer positive ranking affects to your site.

Link juicer is a term used for a positive ranking from a backlink of high domain authority websites.   

Broken Links

These are the links that have no meaning for any website, so such links should be removed if exists. Keep checking your website on a weekly basis in order to remove any broken links from the site.

Affiliate Links

If you are only focusing on affiliate links then it is not good for your site because Google will keep noticing you if you are only working on affiliate links. 

Grammar & Spelling

If the content has grammatical and spelling mistakes then it will have a negative effect on your site ranking. So check the content carefully for grammatical and spelling mistakes and should install Grammarly extension to make it easy for you to solve this problem. 

Bullets and Numbers

This way of structuring your content will give better users experience. If the content is distributed into small chunks of paragraphs, bullets, and lists points then it will be easier for readers to absorb the content. It has positive effects on the ranking of the site.


It is very good for your website that you have images, videos, infographics in the content. It helps users to understand what the content meant for. It sends a good signal to Google about the ranking of the site.

Off-Page SEO

It includes the factors that you can’t control directly but it affects the ranking of your site. These factors are given below;

Number of Backlinks

A backlink is a link from another website. More number of backlinks have positive effects on the ranking of the site. If the backlinks are from the same website then it is not beneficial for your site and if these backlinks are from different sites then it will send a good signal to Google. 

An inbound link is an acknowledgment from another site, it helps to increase the site rank in Google. So if the number of inbound links increases then it will help more in ranking on google. 

Frequency of Links Acquisition

If your site is getting paid backlinks then it will create a problem for your site. So if you are having backlinks on your site on a daily basis then it will look suspicious. So google will place your site under close scrutiny and if it finds any suspicious activities then it will penalize and de-rank your site. 

Anchor Text

Anchor text is also a signal for ranking of the site. It is a text, highlighted as a hypertext having a keyword for which your site ranking for. 

Website Optimization

Mobile Friendly

Today the number of mobile users is greater than that of the desktop. If your website is not opening or showing some errors then it is a factor for your website to be de-ranked. SEO ensures a better user experience, so the website should be mobile-friendly. You should use such themes that are optimized for mobile. 

Fast Loading Speed

A website that takes more than 2 seconds in loading, will annoy users. So users will leave your site, it will result in a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate will have negative effects on your site’s ranking. 

Few factors are involved in the loading speed of your site including hosting provider, nearness of the server where your site is uploading, and the theme of your site. 

Before creating a website, you have to choose the best hosting service, suitable theme, and installing plugins that help to increase the speed of the site.

Content Delivery Network

Web server proximity influences two factors, speed of the site and visibility of the site. So if visitors are near to the server then the speed and visibility of the site will be good, users experience will be better.

The content delivery network (CDN) is a great help to solve these problems. CDN will upload your site on other numerous servers across the globe. Users will experience good speed and visibility. Nowadays many web servers offer CDN, so before going to purchase a hosting server,  you should ask for CDN service. 

Ranking Signals

Search engines determine the rank of a site based on ranking signals. some ranking signals we have also mentioned in previous paragraphs such as speed and mobile-friendly. 

Niche is very important for the success of your site. You create categories and sub-categories on your site. These categories are labeled with keywords that you will target in SEO. 

Meta Tags

When you upload content or images on the site, then it asks for meta tags. You put information about your content in this meta box. This information contains keywords that help in the ranking of the site. 

Keywords in the Title

You must include your keyword in the title. It is the main layer of your content. Google concludes from the title, that the content is related to the chosen keyword. 

Website name

If the keyword of the site is included in the name of the website then it will have a good effect on the ranking of the site.

User Experience

If your site has a good user experience then users will share, comment, and like the content. So it will make your content viral across social media. 

Content Quality

We have talked a lot about content quality, but we didn’t define the actual meaning of quality content.  

We always say that content should be unique, and engaging. When we choose a specific niche then we should focus that the content should only target the niche. It delivers what the users expect to read about the niche or the topic. 

If you are creating a website for tutorials then it should be concise, simple, it has images, videos, and infographics because it helps to demonstrate the concept.

Words should be between 1500 to 2500 words. The content is insightful and engaging. Sometimes words don’t matter but the quality of the content is necessary.  

Unique content means that when choosing a niche it may be possible that the content about that niche is already on the internet, so here you should go to write the content that is 2x or 10x better than the previous content. You should add more comprehensive information and meaningful information to it. So we can say that the content you uploaded is unique.

Keywords and Topic Relevance

Keywords are very important for ranking a site. Some people focus more on keywords that they stuff the content with keywords and forget to create quality content. Google already altered its algorithm to penalize spam content. Content with more density of keywords will be considered spam content. 

Keyword and Keyword Phrases

Your website starts ranking for a keyword and keyword phrases. So there is no need for a high density of keywords in the content. You just mention your keyword in the title, meta description, and few times in the content. 

Keyword Density

There is no specific percentage of mentioning keywords in the content. If you force the keywords in the content then it will have negative effects on the site ranking. It is recommended that you can mention the keyword 5 to 8 times in the content of 1500 words.

Some themes come with built-in SEO tools. They monitor the content for keywords and signal you for the overuse of keywords. You can use synonyms of the keywords to avoid any spamming. 

Ranking Difficulty

There is a factor attached to each keyword called ranking difficulty. If a keyword has high ranking difficulty then you can’t rank for the keyword if you are beginners. You should go for a keyword with low ranking difficulty because it has a high chance that you rank for the keyword. 

Link Value

 Link Building is the fastest way to rank on google. So after creating your website with quality content and keywords. Now you should start to get backlinks from other sites. It is a way to enhance the domain authority of your website. 

There are other factors related with link building we will explain in detail as given below;


Follow links to other sites increase the authority of other sites. No-follow links have no value for other sites.  A no-follow link is somewhat beneficial for sites because when traffic comes to a site and reads content and then clicks on a no-follow link of your site then it means it helps to increase traffic to your site. 

Guest Posts

You can start writing articles for other sites in order to get backlinks from it. Search for blogs having the same niche and then offer a guest post. If they accept your offer, write a post and put your link in it. Keep in mind the blog has high domain authority because low domain authority will have negative effects.  

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