Windows-Based PCs and Macs

Pcs and Macs come with two different styles. Both are functionally same but they are different from each other due to look and feel. It depend on people which system they like. Pcs is introduced in 1981 as IBM PC. This is the most common type of personal computer. Pcs run with Microsoft windows. Macs computer was introduced in 1984. In the beginning, it was widely sold as personal computer due to graphical user interface (GUI). Macs were introduced by Apple and they mostly run on Mac OS X operating system.

PC stands for personal computer so here we confuse, typically meant computer run on windows operating system. So we can say that Windows-based PC is different thing to Macs. Macs is just a personal computer with Mac OS installed in it. But here, it is fact that you can install both windows and Mac OS on MacBook or iMac. You can use both the operating system side by side on Macs with help of software like Parallels or Fusion.Here I mention some similar feature between them:·         The internal structures of hardware components are same.·         Both are compatible with third party keyboard or mouse.·         The GUI of windows-based PC and Macs system are same.·         They both have virtual assistant like Siri in Macs and windows-based have Cortona.·         Cloud servies can be used on both systems such as Dropbox, and Google Drive.·         Popular browser like Google Chrome, safaris are available for both the systems.·         Popular office suite for documentation like Microsoft Office can be viewed on both Macs and windows-based PC.Here I mention some different things about both systems:

·         More software is written for Microsoft windows such as proprietary software.·         Microsoft window supports touch-screen while Macs doesn’t support screen.·         Windows are more popular then Mac and windows are more targeted by viruses and malware.·         There are many companies that manufacture windows-based PCs like Dell, HP and Lenova, so competition is tough and prices of windows-based PCs are lower and Macs.·         Microsoft windows have good support for gaming, especially hardcore gaming.·         It is easier to upgrade windows-based PCs part-by-part and some people use application to boost their systems performance.

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