Why Laptop heating up

There are many reasons why laptop heating up so hot but the most common factor is the dust buildup around the fan which traps the heat inside the processor.  Many internal parts of the laptop are at risk due to this heat. To avoid any damage to any internal parts of the computer, it is necessary to reduce the level of temperature.

If the cooling system of the laptop is not sufficient to provide coolness then it will surely cause overheating. All the parts of the laptop are dense-packed with high performance, So it will produce more heat due to high speed, if the cooling system is set then the system will work well.

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How to prevent overheating

The fan provides cool to the CPU and graphic cards, so the first step is to provide check the fan and make it clean after some time. With time dust and dirt build up around the fan, make the fan slow, and block the airflow. So you consult your laptop mechanic to help you to solve your problem.

Before you go for cleaning the laptop then take the following steps to ensure your safety.

  • Power off the laptop
  • Unplug the laptop
  • Take the battery off.

You can use spirit or alcohol to clean the parts of the laptop by dipping the piece of cloth in alcohol and rub the necessary parts like a fan. Make sure that the alcohol is fully evaporated before you power on the laptop.

For dry dust you can use a vacuum cleaner, it helps you blow the dirt out from hidden parts of the laptop. Use the vacuum to clean the exhaust port because if it is not well open then coming out of the air would be block or slow can result in overheating. Check the intake grills which suck the air in by the revolving fan and clean these small intake grills by spraying on it.

Most laptops suck in cool air through the bottom surface and if the surface where the laptop is placed is uneven like a blanket, the foam then it will also obstruct airflow into the laptop, can overheat the laptop. You can use a hard surface table or anything with a hard surface for a laptop so that the airflow is not blocked.

You should buy a cooling pad for a laptop because it will provide extra cooling to your laptop but before buying a cooler, first, make it confirm whether it is suitable for you or its airflow is enough for your laptop.

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