WhatsApp Update and Its Concerns

Whatsapp has introduced a new privacy policy. This new update has created some confusion in users. Many users start thinking to shift new encrypted messengers like Signal and Telegram. Elon Mask also encourages people to leave WhatsApp.  

Whatsapp will now share data with Facebook. So it is considered a forced agreement, which will breach people’s privacy. 

This decision will increase the popularity of signal and telegram. People are reacting against this update on Twitter, youtube. Users are rejecting these updates from WhatsApp and they start thinking to consider other platforms like signal and telegram. 

Signal users are going increasing for the last couple of years. Edward Snowden has also praised this platform. This app has the same features like WhatsApp and can easily be download from AppStore. 

Famous website 9to5 reported that signal has clear standing on its privacy policy. It has included some features to make its app more secure and encrypted. This is an independent platform with nonprofits. So it means that the platform is supported by the donations of their users. 

Signal relies on end-to-end encrypted messaging, following their strict protocol, and does not keep a record of metadata of their uses. 

Signal assures to keep as little data as possible while still being able to provide services. 

Telegram is another alternative app to consider on behalf of WhatsApp. This app also provides you end to end encrypted messaging. This app claims that it is more secure than WhatsApp because it relies on MTProto protocol.

The statement of the platform is as “ we are more secure than other platforms, we based on MTProto platform, built upon the time-tested algorithm to make the app more secure as well as to provide reliable and high quality and fast service”. 

The platform says that we not only use end-to-end encryption but also depend on distributed infrastructure to ensure privacy. 

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