What is Google Search Console?

In this article, we will discuss Google search console or GSC. We will discuss some hidden points of GSC that most users don’t know about it. You can get a lot of benefits from SEO. Mostly you are familiar with Google search console. It is a toolbox or search console created by Google which shows up technical issues related to your site.

There are many analytics tools available online but I will recommend you explore Google search console and its features.

There are many old features that are not included in the version such as the robot.txt tester, crawl stats, etc. but still the new version is useful.

So we are going to overview the five hidden feature of GSC.

URL Inspector Tool

Here you submit your URL for indexing. It is a quick way to index your new post or URL, before this technique you had to wait for Google to index your site.

You can recrawl your page at any time from Google. It also enables you to view all web sites as Google sees them. You can find the pages with technical errors.

For example, if your website is hacked and is used to present information from another website then you can view indexing problems, other problems, and more from the URL inspection tool.

URL Inspector Tool

Find Obscure URL Errors

When you click on the coverage tab then it will show pages with some issues. There are some advanced errors, find as soft 404 errors, these kinds of mistakes occur if you have a page that contains blank content.

You will visit the website to find the specific page served in this way. The coverage area will allow you to locate other errors if you experience issues of ranking and indexation such as:

  • “Noindex” labeling pages.
  • Redirects pages.
  • Crawled pages but still not indexed.
  • Crawl anomalies

If there are ranking and indexation issues then this section will help you to diagnose the problem on the site, especially this problem occurs due to mismanagement.

If you unlock “Error,” “Warning valid” and “Valid,” you can find deeper problems and Check for the option “Excluded.”

You should know the indexed pages of your site because sometimes indexed pages are shown as double the figure, this issue is due to installed search plugin that is generating thousands of URLs from a single search.

This is serious problem because definitely it will hurt your ranking in Google.

Obscure URL Errors

Deeper Keyword Analysis on Ranking Pages

You can perform deep research on the keywords, you are ranking for. So here you can make a strategy for your improvement and fix the issues.

Click on performance, tab on new, and then choose from dropdown, which information you want to uncover.

Deeper Keyword Analysis on Ranking Pages

If you want to know for what query your pages ranking in Google then simply click on query option. You can see all the pages for the query in your next tab. you can also turn between websites, countries, devices, and a search display.

You can deep analyze your pages of the site, so that if they require any improvement for better ranking.

It will help you to improve the pages against the queries that show up in Google search console.

Deeper Keyword Analysis on Ranking Pages

URL Removal Tool

Strict caution should be taken while using this tool unless a serious problem occurs.  You can actually remove the problematic URLs or outdated content.

If any problem related to the repair URL of the site then it is better to consult with professionals before taking any step.

URL Removal Tool


You should know the real-world context for the problems that the tool report identifies and corrects website errors. The indexation problem reveals the problem of too many indexed pages.

First of all, you investigate the root of the problem and Context can mean the difference between timing and budget solving problems or causing more problems.

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