What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

It is the use of the internet, social media, a search engine to reach your final customers. It is a new way of marketing as compared to traditional marketing. So it requires new ways to reach your customers with different behavior.

Digital marketing has a specific audience and this platform is interactive. You can interact with your customers directly. It is a two-way interaction between customers and product owners and Its popularity is increasing day by day. 

Digital Marketing Channels


You can create a website about your product and services. You list what you offer on the website. Customers will visit your website and get the awareness of your product. You will provide detailed information about your product or services. You can interact with your customers directly through your website. You can get feedback on your product or services. If there is a need for any improvement in product or service after the complaint of your customers. 

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

You can run ads on many platforms at once, on Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. You can target specific customers based on their interests or demographics. You can show ads on Google search pages to customers related to audience search.  

Content Marketing

You publish articles or posts on different social media sites or on your website. You write about your products. Create posts on a daily basis on your social site ids and make them viral in order to attract more audience and convert them into customers.

Email Marketing

It is one of the most effective ways of marketing. You can directly touch with the customers through email marketing. It is a direct discussion between a company with its customers. You create a list of potential customers. You first create leads then convert them into your customers through email marketing.

Social Media Marketing

You create brand awareness on social media. There are about three billion people connected with social media, so it is the best platform you use to create an impact of your product on people and build trust in your product. It is also a direct channel for sales. 

Affiliate Marketing

Many people promote other products to get a commission on them. So many companies use influencers on social media to get their product sold. If you hear of an Amazon associate, it is also an amazon commission program for others to join.

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