What is Copywriting?

It is the art of writing content for the purpose of marketing or creates awareness of a product in an advertisement. It is a sentence or group of sentences that are written in a way, to attract or convince prospective customers to take an action.

You hire a group of salesmen to reach large customers but copywriting on a billboard or in an advertisement help you convey your message to many customers at once. Copywriting has an important role in digital marketing. Copywriting is like a magnet for visitors to convert them into customers. There are some tricks and rules that help you to write a good copy. 

Copywriting is a way to tell a compelling story of your products or services to your customers. It will create a big opportunity for your business to grow rapidly. You will be always in struggling condition if you stick to your general way of writing related to your ads, emails, or any texts designed for your customers. 

Can a person like you become a good copywriter?

There are some points comes to our mind if you want to be a good copywriter as given below;

  1. Should we spend numerous hours writing famous sales letters?
  2. Should we read more books about copywriting?
  3. Should we go for another degree to get this skill?

There are some simple ways to be a good copywriter. It requires your focus and some time from you. First, you have considered copywriting as your career, if not so, then go behind to learn copywriting is just a waste of time. 

Keep the product in your mind you are going to sell, before going for copywriting. A famous copywriter David Ogilvy took three weeks to come up with a winning concept about Rolls-Royce.

    “At 60 miles per hour, the loudest noise in this Rolls-Royce comes from the electric clock” 

It means that taking some time to give a winning idea is not a waste of time. If you have a product then think about it, which features of it will stand out to your customers. Analyze the features of your products then think about the unique features of your products that will seem more attractive to your customers. So this is the first step to consider in copywriting. 

It is important that you know well about your product. If you know all the features and pros and cons of your products then you can write a good copywriting. You don’t need to research your product so deeply. 

Product Description

You have to give answers to some questions here.

How can you describe your product?

You write two or three simple sentences about the product. It is so simple description that customers can easily understand. 

What is unique or special about this product?

You provide unique features of your product. Describe the quality of the product that differentiates it from other products.

What are the benefits of this product?

You list the benefits of your product, it gives to your customers. Many companies hesitate to describe the benefits of products and tell the customers, how to effectively use them.

What problem does it solve?

Customers buy a product for two reasons, whether to get more pleasure or solve their problem. Above we discuss the benefits, here we will discuss the pain or problem, we have to address. You tell your customers what problems you can solve by using our product.

Understand Your Customers

Know your customers before writing about a product. What your customers demand and what you are selling to. So if you leverage these both things then can achieve what you want. Customers are divided into different groups and each groups have different dreams and expectations. For example, mothers sitting at home have different priorities than business executives. 

These differences make your mind to write differently for each class. You have to tell different stories for each class to convince them to take an action about your product. So defining your customers is critical part of copywriting. 

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