What is a Blog

Blogs began in 1994. It was considered as a personal diary shared online. You shared your daily routine life online. Then people took notice of it, started to share information online. This was a new way to communicate with your audience through a blog. So a new world of the blog was introduced. 

Blog Definition

It is an informational website, showing posts in reverse order, which means the latest posts will appear at first on top of the website. It is a platform where you can share your views or information about any subject to target your audience.

Purpose of a Blog

Many reasons to create a blog for personal use, if we about the business blogs then it will make your business more flourish. Today businesses relying on blogs are increasing. Because it is a way to target your specific audience and grab their attention. It is direct communication with your audience and your customer knows more about you because of blogs. 

The blog is a source of earning money. So here one thing is important to rank your blog on Google is to get high traffic. It is only possible if you do SEO of your blog. Good SEO strategies will help to get a high rank in Google, result in high traffic to your site. 

Today business without a blog means that you are invisible to the audience. When your business has a presence online then how will you attract your customer to sell your products. Today‚Äôs world is a digital world and a large portion of customers are online to purchase products. If you are not available online then you are missing this opportunity. 

The main purpose of the blog to keep in touch with your relevant and potential customers, and it will make your relationship more strong as it was never before. It will attract more customers and new customers to buy your products. 

The visibility of the blog depends on how frequently you post. If you update your blog on daily basis then it is a high chance to be visible to more audiences.  Audiences will visit your blog, they will become known about your products, they get information about products and in the future, they will think to buy your products, so a blog is an effective way of leads generation. With time you will build your products a brand because the blog is the best marketing tool. 

You will write engaging posts about your niche, it will build your trust in the community. So it will bring many potential customers for your business. It depends on you how you manage your blog, if your blog is more effective then it will make your brand more credible. The niche and product credibility will increase with time. 

Blog vs Website

The blog is a dynamic thing, which requires daily updates or weekly updates while the website is a static thing, it does not require frequent updates. 

The blog is specific for readers lovers, it increases reader engagement. A blog has direct communication with the reader, if the reader has any concern then he can express it in the comment section. 

A blog post has attributes such as publish date, author name, categories, and tags. A website has nothing of these attributes. 

What is blogging

Definition of Blogging

It is a collection of skills that you convey to others. It covers the tools of writing, publishing, linking, and sharing. 

You see that blogging is getting famous day by day because of some reason. In the beginning, new service used it as a tool to get maximum reach and form an opinion of their readers. It became a source of information. 

Businesses took it as a positive tool to enhance the satisfaction of their customers. It keeps updating your clients about your products. Your business gets more exposure through blogging. Every day new customers trace you. You can feedback on your products directly from your customers which helps you to improve your products. It creates a bond between you and your client, that makes a network and this network is increasing day by day. 

You can earn money through blogging, you can sell products or services. You can earn from google ads. 

Who is a blogger

It is a profession, which is going popular with time. You can adopt this profession as a full-time career. Blogger is a person, who loves to write and share it with others or online. If you have expertise in any niche then you can become a blogger. Create posts on daily basis and publish it online, people will read it and a community will build with time, who will daily read your posts. So the posts should be engaging and interesting. 

So a blogger can run and control a blog. So he shares his knowledge online to target their audience. 

Many people want to be a blogger, every person has its own story to tell others. You can build a huge community through blogging. 

Every person has their feelings, thoughts to express it to a big audience. You can write information on any niche, share your experience, feeling through blogging. Today bloggers write on anything of their interest. You can writer on your daily routine activities to social rights or weather, daily life problems. You select any niche, but you write on a daily basis, one time you will become a popular blogger if you are focused. 

Are Bloggers getting paid

Blogger earns money but it is not a quick method to become rich, it will take some time and your hard work will take you to success. First, create quality content then Do SEO of it, so that it appears the first page of Google, to build traffic to your site. 

When you appear to be a successful blogger then many opportunities will open for you as given below;

  • A blogger can earn through Google AdSense.
  • A blogger can earn through affiliate marketing.
  • A blogger can earn through selling digital products like ebooks.
  • A blogger can sell membership to view exclusive content.
  • A blogger can promote your business through blogging.

How to Start a Blog

It is very easy to start a blog. There are a few steps you have to follow as given below;

  1. First, decide a name for the blog, known as a domain name.
  2. Purchase hosting for your blog. Click here to purchase a domain and hosting from Bluehost.
  3. Choose a platform for a blog, I will recommend WordPress. 

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