Types of Computer

Here we discuss the main part of computer, which are hardware and software. Any tangible part of computer is called hardware like keyboard, mouse, internal part of computer, etc. The other part is software, mean something soft which is not tangible like window, games, browser, office etc. we can interact with our computer through software, software is a set of instructions that perform all the task of computer like calculation, operating system etc.

So both parts of computer are compulsory for each other, if one of them is not available then it is meaningless for us. The combination of software and hardware make a computer like if you are on the computer and browsing data then definitely you would use mouse to click on page, here web browser is software and mouse is hardware.

image of a motherboard

Computer is not simple as it name or if we think that personal computer is only a computer but there are several types of computer, we use in daily routine. The shape and size of each computer is different such as we use ATM to withdraw cash and calculator is also its type.

There is several type of computer; desktop computer, we use at home or in office. A Desktop computer has different parts including monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse. Desktop computer is not portable and it is placed at desk and it is not frequently move around.

 Laptop is second type of computer. Nowadays it is frequently used because it more portable and move it to anywhere. Laptop is battery-powered computer, help you to use outside your home or office.

Tablet is more portable and handheld computer than laptop. It is very simple and it has touch-sensitive screen having no keyboard and mouse. You can use screen for typing and navigational purpose such as iPad is its one of example.

Server is also a type of computer. It is used to serves up information to other computers on a network. Internet data is stored on a server or on many servers, so when we are looking for information then server provides that information to us on time. In offices and industries, local server is used for sharing data among office staff.

The other types include Smartphone, game consoles, wearable and TV that use app etc.

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