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There is high competition on Fiverr. If you search for a particular skill then you will find thousands of Gigs for that skill. You have to satisfy your customers with your Gig. what you can do the best for your customer and why customers choose you for their work.

I will discuss some Gigs below, that have got success on Fiverr and people are earning a lot. Don’t think that the Fiverr is saturated and you can’t get success. Be consistent and hard work will bring positive things for you. 

Social Media Manager

Social media is very vast and big media for your business and you can reach a big audience through social media. For any brand to be successful having an active profile on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.   

There is a number of social media platforms where you have to create your profile and engage your customers with new offers and deals. Here you need a social media manager, who will handle all these activities. 

Logo Designer

The logo is an identification of any business. Every business or brand requires a logo for their business. The demand for this skill is increasing day by day. Now, this is the best time for you to acquire this skill to create your Gig on Fiverr and earn good money. 

Whiteboard Animation Video

Animated video becomes very popular among marketers and businesses. It is a good source to inspire your customers and attract them to listen to your message.


It is still design produced for advertisements, books, greeting cards,s, etc. a person should be creative in producing such a design because it is a way to present your thoughts. A person with such skill can earn a good income on Fiverr. 

Mobile App

It is the most growing field today. If you are a mobile app developer then you can get an attractive income on Fiverr. Demand for mobile app developers in Android or iOS is very high. If you get your first order then you will gain ample opportunities to go beyond. 

Content Writer

Internet is basically based on content. It is all about content. Internet is full of content and shows you content about anything. You will see content everywhere. So it means the space for content writers is high. If are a content writer then you can earn good money on Fiverr.


The content management system is dominating. WordPress is the most popular CMS and it is easy to design your website if you know little about content management systems. 


The gaming industry is growing very rapidly. It is somehow difficult to freelance your work as a game developer. It requires you to work hard. First, build your portfolio before creating your Gigs because people will look at your portfolio and it impress them then it will the start of your bright future on Fiverr.  

Virtual Assistant

VA is more than what you think of organizing your work and replying to your emails. There are wide range of skills you can learn to be a virtual assistant. The space for virtual assistant is increasing day by day. 

Audio Editor

The demand for this skill is high in today market. There are many tools available in the market that will help you to edit any video or audio, you simply go to learn it. 

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