Top 10 Technologies in 2021

This is the age of new technologies and with time new discoveries are happening at a much rapid pace. IT professionals are gaining more importance due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Now the condition is not the same but changed a lot, as well as our lifestyle, has changed a lot. People are learning more skills in 2021 to have a better future in such conditions.

You have to keep yourself updated with the current technologies and know what to learn to have a good job in the future. The thinking of people has changed now due to the outbreak of Covid-19. I will discuss some new technologies that have a better future. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI)

It has already gained popularity in the past decade. It is continuously evolving and produces large effects on our lives. It has gained a lot of success in image and speech recognition, navigation apps, and much more.

It will be used further to analyze the connections between two objects and help to predict the demand for services or any utilities. It helps to predict the changing behavior of customers and according to it, take more accurate decisions. 

AI market will reach 200 billion by 2025. AI has spreading day by day and covering many sectors and creating new opportunities for people with the highest salary in the market. 

Machine learning is one of the branches of AI and many industries require skilled professionals. It is expected that about 9 percent of jobs in the United State will be in AI and Machine learning.  

Edge Computing

Cloud computing is very famous nowadays and it has provided a good solution to businesses. But with the production of new data, cloud computing has some shortcomings in some situations. 

Edge computing is a new technology that brings some solutions to these problems. Edge computing helps you to process the data on the spot without bringing data to the data center or main server. 

If the data is time-sensitive then it can process at a remote location without wasting your time to bring data into the data center. It is called a mini data center. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

It is just like AI or machine learning to automate jobs. It is a type of software to automate your business processes such as interpreting applications, dealing with data, replying to emails. It is used for repetitive tasks. 

It is considered a threat to some jobs and it is estimated about nine percent of jobs will be affected due to this technology. 

As an IT professional, you have to look forward to finding new opportunities in RPA. it will require new developers, analysts, project managers, etc. 

Quantum Computing

It is the next remarkable technology. It is a form of computing based on quantum phenomena. You will be surprised that this technology helped in preventing coronavirus and also develop potential vaccines. It is also very helpful in banking and finance to manage credit risk in high trading and fraud detection. 

It is much faster than a normal computer and many players like Google, Honeywell, Splunk, Microsoft, and AWS are involved in creating some innovations in quantum computing. If you want to know about this technology then you have to learn Quantum mechanics, linear algebra, probability, information theory, and machine learning. 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The next exceptional technologies include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and extended reality (ER). VR absorbs the user in an environment while VR enhances the environment. This technology has been used for gaming so far and used for software to train the US army. 

We can expect this technology has more contribution to our lives in 2021. The technologies, VR and AR have huge potential in entertainment, marketing, education, and rehabilitation after injury. 

About 14 million AR and VR devices are sold in 2019 and it is estimated that its market will grow about 209$ billion by 2022.


When we talk about blockchain then cryptocurrency comes to our mind such as bitcoin. Blockchain offers security. It is the data that you can only add to others. It is a chain of data so it is called a chain of data and you can’t change the previous data block, you just add another block to it, to make it a chain. 

This data is based on the consensus of both parties. So one entity can’t control the data alone. Here there is no role of a third party to control or validate the transaction between both parties. Many big industries are entering to implement blockchain technology. The demand for skilled professionals is also increased.   

Internet of Things (IoT)

Many things are connected to each other through the internet. One device connects with another device through the internet to perform some action. There are many home appliances available that can be enabled to operate through wifi. 

If we have installed cameras in our home then we can monitor these cameras remotely sitting in our office through the internet. It is estimated that about 50 billion of these devices will be used by 2030. 


5G is a big revolution in our life in the future. It will change our life totally. 5th generation of a mobile network. It is a new kind of network that will connect everything together including machines, objects, etc. 

It has very high speed with more reliability, huge network capacity, and high performance. Many companies start working to create 5G applications. It will launch this year worldwide. 

Cyber Security

It does not seem like an emerging technology but it is evolving day by day. Hackers find new ways to breach data security and get access to sensitive data. As new technologies are evolving, security is also going to enhance but hackers exist and they keep trying to find ways to reach your data. So cyber security is also a trending technology. 

Big Data

Big data is also in discussion in market since last decade. Now companies work on big to analyze their market and margin of profit. It is very helpful for business to analyze their data and predict the bahaviour of customers. 

Through big data we enter into the phenomena of intelligence decision. It gives us a framework to help data engineer to design, monitor and execute decision models and processes in order to analyze business outcomes.

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