The laptop is running slow

laptop is running slow
The laptop is running slow

Does your laptop work slowly? Whether new or old, Windows, or Mac, it is not a pleasant experience to use a sluggish laptop. You can consider many ways to boost the speed of your laptop by adding RAM and faster storage or you can remove such things from your laptop that can slow your laptop like malware, viruses, and even anti-virus apps. You are at the right platform to know all about these things and can address your problem.

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Virus, Malware and Anti-Virus

These are the main things that can cause your laptop slowdown whether it’s a virus, adware, or spyware. Unique elements are found in Trojans, adware, spyware, and virus, which classify them in different categories but we will consider them all under malware umbrella and we don’t want any of this malware in our laptop.  It doesn’t matter what type of laptop you have or have any operating system but the first defense against this malware is an anti-malware app.

If your windows or Linux users then it will be your good choice if you have an active anti-malware app that runs in the background as well as on-demand. For mac users, the on-demand malware app is a better choice. It will utilize your resources when it is active.

It is better to run one anti-malware app at one time because if you will run more than one app then it will slow down your laptop.

Many Apps Open at One time

This is one of the reasons that cause your laptop slowdown so the opening of many apps at one time will utilize all the resources of your laptop because each app will eat up resources of laptop including RAM, disk space, CPU performance, it will result in reducing the speed of the laptop.

You don’t just consider the number of apps opening but how you are using an app.  A web browser with multiple tabs are open, most browser use sandboxing technique, which isolates each open window and tab for others. So if you have open many tabs in a single browser then it means that you have opened many individual browsers. If the number of apps increases then it will reduce the performance or speed of the laptop. I will recommend closing the unused tabs, using the tab you need, affect the speed of the laptop.

Two things we concluded as below;

  • Close the tabs you don’t need.
  • Quit apps then you finished using them.

Startup Items

When you open your laptop some apps open automatically. The operating system allows you to configure apps, so there are some apps that you want to start automatically when you boot the system. After some time you don’t need some apps to start automatically and you forget to remove it. So such apps should be removed from startup.

Free up Disk Space

If your laptop doesn’t have enough free space on the startup drive, then it takes more power or force to provide space for the temporary files used by the system or apps. This system also sets the virtual ram, disk space aside, which enables the operating system to spread additional RAM space by transferring older RAM data to the slower disk. If the space is limited, the operating system’s workload rises as it tries to manage certain storage tasks. Make sure your machine still has plenty of free space, you can ease the overhead.

You ensure keeping 15% of space free to avoid any dramatic slowdown of your laptop. Any window has built-in utility helping with desk cleanup. Both Mac and Windows laptops will defrag drive space provided there’s enough free space. Based on the type of laptop usage, you can have different defragging needs.

  • On your startup drive maintain plenty of space.
  • Sometimes there is no need for defragging a drive.

Visual Effects

You do not need to decrease any of the inane visual effects on both Mac and Windows operating systems when you have a new laptop with the newest and the highest CPU and GPU. Removing any of the visual effects of OS will help to increase overall performance by ensuring the CPU and GPU are not engaged by meaningless eye candy if you want the processors to be successful.

Mac users will find that many visual effects, such as dock and accessibility, are managed in different system preferences.

Windows has its own system performance-influencing properties.

Tone-down visual effects can create a much more accessible user interface and retain resources for applications that need them.

Upgrade Disk, RAM, Graphics and Battery

We have talked about how to increase speed and performance, so here you need to keep certain apps open, help to provide more free space on your startup disk, removing unnecessary files, and managing the resources of your laptop.

You can enhance or upgrade things like RAM, faster and larger memory, CPU, or GPU. You can experience better performance of your laptop by adding or upgrading these things.

  • More RAM offers more space to run applications.
  • Apps can be opened and operate better with Speedier drive.
  • With an improved graphics system, graphical intensive apps could perform better.
  • It can increase running times when replacing an old laptop battery.

Software Update

Some software becomes corrupt with time so it makes your laptop slow. It is important to keep your software and apps up to date. Delete old and corrupt files from the system.

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