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You have created a content based on your selected keyword so here it is in your mind that this content will be read by not only human but it will also read by search engines. Here one thing is important that you have a grip about these terms what they do, for what function these terms are used so that at the time when your developer needs your help then provide some help about these technical terms. The understanding of technical SEO optimization is important so that you know how to structure your content according to the rules of search engines that are easily readable by search engines and humans or visitors. The structure of content or a website has an effect on its performance so for a content creator it is crucial to have a grip on these technicalities. So, developers, designers, and programmers have a consensus on the construction of a site about these SEO principles.

How Website Work

Optimization of a site is called SEO so here SEO needs something from a site that it is going to optimize. SEO is a process that starts at the time of purchasing a domain name. A domain name is purchased from domain name registrar that preserve name for you but the domain is not understandable to server or computer, so against your domain name, so a series of numbers called IP address is allotted, which is understandable to the internet. The loading time of a webpage also affects the performance of the site because the search engine considers the load time of a site to rank it.

Now there is a series of actions that start from typing a request in a search engine to finally website appear in a browser. When you type a domain name in a browser then browser link that domain name to IP address via DNS. The domain name is converted to IP address through DNS lookup request and the browser will request for the code of webpages placed in the server. As the server receives the request then it will send the webpages in the assembled form to the browser. When the browser collects the webpages from the server then it is not in the well-organized form so browser gets together all the resources in a well-structured format that is readable by visitors, in the process of organizing a webpage by browser, it creates a Document Object Model. So lastly all the code is transformed to webpages that are viewed by visitors in browsers.

 Creation of a Website

We will discuss how a website is created using different languages and here I mention there parts of it which include HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.


It means hypertext markup language and it is the main part of a website. So the content of a webpage is defined by HTML, and the search engine crawls these HTML pages and their title and headings but its play role in SEO of web pages.


It makes the webpages look attractive, as u know that HTML display the content of webpages and then the addition of CSS makes it beautiful and colorful. The CSS code is placed in a separate file outside the HTML file that makes HTML pages simple and less code density which helps to increase loading time and load time is also a factor considered in SEO. Pages with high content and less code volume due to separate CSS files can be easily indexed.


The journey of webpages started with HTML code then CSS enter in the scene after sometime JavaScript comes in action which renders the webpages to be dynamic so It open door for non-static websites to create dynamic content. The user sends a request to the server for webpages then the server starts interacting with the audience through the add-on feature of JavaScript.

How Search Engine Understand Your Webpages

When content or articles are created about any topic then schema markup is used to label or portray the information of a website to search engines and also called structured data because it provides the structure of webpages content. There is lots of schema markup available on and you can implement the one which best suits to your webpages. Schema adds an extra feature of the rich snippet which accompany the webpages in the SERPs.

When the search engine crawls the same content on different pages then it becomes confusing which page to index first then there is a tag called the rel =” canonical” tag, used to tell the search engine that which content is original and which one should be indexed first.

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