Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing

Social media platforms for business marketing

Social media platforms have gained a lot of power.  You can use the power to market your business. There are many social media platforms for business marketing. It can be one of your successful marketing channels.

Social media platforms, one of the easy ways to promote your brand and generate new leads. It will help you to engage your existing customers.

There are more than 65 social media platforms, you will go for the one, who will reap more benefits for you. 

I will discuss top social media platforms for businesses with advantages and disadvantages. 

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Youtube
  4. Linkedin
  5. Twitter

Best Social Media Platforms For Business Marketing

The social media platforms, I mentioned are the best ones to promote your brands and generate new leads. The purpose of this post is to help you to choose the right social media platform for your business.


This is one of the best social media platforms for business marketing built by Mark Zuckerberg. It is reported, Facebook earned about $79.8 billion last year. It has more than 1 billion users. So it is the best place for you to find your target audience. 

You can engage your audience through different and innovative posts. Keep them updated about your services and products. 

Facebook has a good feature of a private group where you pay to join the group. Serious customers join private groups to ask questions and share personal experiences. 


  • You keep in contact with your family and friends. Find like-minded people and share your daily stories.
  • It can grow your business. You can find new customers. You can sell online. It can help you to sell more to get more profits.
  • You can host your videos and images on Facebook. Set your privacy level to control who can see your content. 
  • It is a source of information and news. 
  • You can grow your personal brand. Build a powerful portfolio. 


  • Never give your full information on Facebook because it has some privacy issues.
  • Facebook is full of face profiles. 
  • It has a lot of features to entertain us, but it has negative effects on our daily life. It consumes so much time. 


This social media platform became so popular within no time. It has crossed 1 billion users. Instagram started out as a platform for sharing photos, now you can share your videos as stories. 

The story feature of Instagram has become very famous. People use this platform to share photos and videos. 

Most businesses come to use Instagram to show the value of their products. It is an excellent way to generate leads.  

It is sometimes very easy to get more followers on Instagram as compared to other social media platforms. With lead generation tools, you can grow your followers rapidly by running campaigns. 


  • It is a social platform to reach a vast audience.
  • Celebrities share their stories on it to gain more followers.
  • Tools are available to help optimize posts.
  • Business accounts help you to target your real audience.


  • Instagram app is available for android and ios only.
  • Misleading metrics (Followers doesn’t mean engagement).


It is the largest video-sharing platform. It has more than 2 billion users monthly. You can learn a lot from Youtube videos. It also provides you entertainment. Just go and create your channel on Youtube and earn money. 

Choose any niche of your interest and start creating videos. Here, you just need a mobile camera and internet connection. 

Describe your services or give information about your products in videos. People take more interest in tutorials. You make it easy for people to learn about your services or product so that they become your audience. 

You can easily influence people with your videos. Video is the best way to demonstrate your product. 

SEO of Youtube videos is very necessary because it will get more views on the videos. 


  • It is free to watch and upload videos.
  • Big opportunity to earn money through your videos.
  • It is very easy to use. Many tutorials available to teach how to upload videos to Youtube.
  • You can easily share your information. 
  • It generate backlinks for your website, so it will increase traffic to your site.


  • Everything is public, if any privacy about your video then you need to learn more about it.
  • Many rules, you have to follow before uploading videos. If you beach the rules of Youtube then you account can be suspended.


LinkedIn is among the first modern social networking platforms to gain traction and be around for a long time. Exclusively social media platform for professionals revolutionalizes the way to seek, finds a job.

It is a good platform for sharing content and searching for a job. The platform will show you related jobs according to your skills.


  • Big opportunities to find potential clients for your business.
  • It keeps you updated about new ideas and treads.
  • You can easily find professionals, if you are looking for skilled persons.
  • You can easily get basic free account.


  • You can’t avoid spam messages.
  • It will take time to build connections because not every person is active on Linkedin.
  • Some privacy concerns, providing your personal information.
  • The premium account is very costly.


Twitter has a brilliant marketing strategy. It is a very straightforward platform with little noise. Celebrity, Govt. officials use Twitter to convey their message. 

Businesses can monetize the platform, using value posts to engage their audience. 

It has more than 335 million users. Businesspeople find it easy to find and connect with their customers. 


  • It has vast audience, using hashtag will quickly reach your post to your targeted audience.
  • It enable you to communicate directly with your customers.
  • You can easily convery the features of the product to audience, so it will easily find your targeted audience.
  • You can get feedbacks of your customers.
  • The account registration is free. You can run paid ads to grow your reach.


  • It requires your time, skilled person can handle your account.
  • You can get negative feedbacks publicly, negative effects on your business.
  • It has limited characters of 280 for publishing your post.

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