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How the SEO professional is different than design and development

SEO is not sufficient but your website should also have a good design and content. So it is the duty of an SEO professional to consider all these things at the beginning. There are different factors in SEO as given bellows;

  • On-page ranking factors
  • Off-page ranking factors
  • Technical factors

These are all the factors which has to handle by SEO professionals, involve to form the whole process of SEO, and it can’t perform by a single person but you have to depend on others to help in the design or content of a website. SEO is also depending on the design and development of a website. SEO is a long term process and SEO starts at the time when you start thinking of a business and you need SEO till your business exists. Marketing is necessary for your business or sales. There are many ways of marketing in digital marketing but SEO is a powerful process to increase traffic.

If you want to start a business then first you have to register a domain and hosting then you need a designer for your website then the design of a website is given to a web developer to code the design of the website. So the developer should keep in mind that the website should be the same as the design given to him. After the completion of the website then as an SEO specialist, your work starts.

 As I said SEO starts when you choose the domain name, if you want to sell something online then the domain should include the keyword so that Google picks your website when someone goes for online shopping. If the design of a website is heavy or the loading speed of the website is more than a few milliseconds then it will also affect the SEO of the website. If the design of a website is light-weighted, then it will load fast. It is the requirement of Google that your website is speed-optimized. There are many other things involved related to SEO like keywords, content writing.

What is the content?

Google is hungry for content and content including text, images, and videos, etc. So whenever you search for something then Google shows you a page having many links of text, images, and videos. There are four types of content as given below;

  1. Text
  2. Image
  3. Video
  4. Audio

Other contents include Google map which shows the location and it is hosted by Google. It is optimized for you and when you search for a location then Google shows you the exact location. You give your information to Google map through GPS and Google record the data. So if you have to go from Lahore to Karachi and put the query in Google then Google will show you many results including Google map, showing the different routes from Lahore to Karachi.

Text is also a type of content and text is written in many languages and there is a product from Google called Google Translate. It is used to translate from one language to another.

First text content was large in scale nowadays visual content is increasing because of mobile and it is easy to record or take a snap and upload it. So with time visual content is increasing as compared to text content.

What is the Google mission?

When any business is established then it has a clear mission. Google is the largest company on the internet. So the mission of Google is one line statement “our mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.

So the whole structure of Google is based on this single line statement for the last 20 years, the single line statement makes a Google No. 1 company on the internet. It is important to understand, what is the mission of Google and what Google wants so that we manage and design our content according to Google’s statement.

We divide the mission statement into four parts.


                Google gives service of Gmail for email and it organizes our emails, this product is different than others and if you want to connect your Gmail with web services then you have to pay for it. Google drive is another product where you can place your files on the internet and you can access these files from anywhere.


                 Information is subjective and it can vary from person to person. Content is part of the information and we told that content like text, images, audio, and video are organized by Google as information. Languages are also a type of information and Google translates the text from one language to other language and save it. Location data is also part of the information and Google Map produces location data. The calendar is also considered as information, you maintain your daily routine through calendar and Google remind about your schedule.

Universally Accessible

                              The saved information is accessible to all in the world, as we know that Google is everywhere like laptop, mobile, and everyone can access Google easily through any device which is connected to the internet.


                Usefulness is also varying from person to person if I search a movie name Lahore to Karachi and Google show me the routes between the two cities then this information is not useful for me. If Google understands what I am searching then Google will show me useful results. It means if a user gets the right information at the right time in the right format then Google will become a good search engine.

The mission of Google is to collect data from the entire world and store in their database and easily accessible to everyone without any difference, so on this mission, Google becomes a large company and now we should adopt the mission of Google to rank our content on Google to get high traffic.

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