SEO Guide for 2020

SEO guide for 2020

Do you any idea?

How many blog posts publish every day or every second?

You will be surprised to know that about 4.5 million posts publish every day and it is around 50 posts every second.

It means when you finished to read this article then there will be around 700 blog posts published on internet. This figure is only from wordpress users and if talk across all the internet then it is difficult to count.

Now think about it before you publish your post or content on the internet that how much it is difficult to rank in search engines.

But don’t be worried because the searches on Google are also in millions or billions. It is estimated that there are more than 3 million every single day. This data is only from Google, so what about other search engines?

 So you should think about the strategies that will help you to show your post on the front page of Google. 

It is clear what SEO is?

It is search engine optimization; you have to optimize the design, speed, articles or content, images, etc. it is the art or techniques used to rank your content high on a search engine organically.

We define the SEO in a more informal way; the process of optimizing the content including, writing, images, etc, on your website, so that search engines consider it to rank high in searches for specific keywords.

I am a writer and I write a post about “best SEO tools”, this is my keyword. I publish my post and I want, when some search for the keyword “best SEO tools”, then my post should show up the top page of Google.


Newbies always use Google as a search engine and the first six results always get 68% of clicks. Now think why it is so important to appear on the top page of Google to have a high chance of getting clicks.

If your post is not on the top page of Google then it means that you have not done SEO of your post. Before you start learning how the process works you need to know how a search engine works.

Everyone knows the basics of SEO but I will explain in little detail. We don’t know how the algorithm of Google work, there are more than 200 factors and we know a few of them, how Google uses these factors to rank a content or post.

On-Page SEO

There are three categories in on-page SEO, so we have to consider all these and the most important is Content.


It is a famous saying from Bill Gates that content is a king.

Any reason to say content is the king?

If the content is engaging, attractive, and well organized then visitors will stay on the page and spend more time.

Google’s purpose is to deliver the best answer to the users, which fulfill their requirements or exact solution to their problems.

SEO will be useful if the content is good otherwise if the content is a mess then there will be no good result from your best SEO strategies.

There are some factors keeping in mind while creating your content.


Quality matter for your content, high quality will make you stand out from the crowd. The starting point of SEO is the creation of high-quality content.

Good quality requires very hard work if you expertise in the story then you can create good content for your site.

Keyword Research

It is the most important part, before the creation of content. You have to choose a keyword with less competition and more searches.

The keywords should be included in whole articles such as title, headings, and body of content with bold text.

It requires you to spend more time to find good keywords because it will enhance the rank of your site. There are many materials available on the internet that will help you or polish your skill of searching or finding keywords for your content.

There is a certain limit to use your keywords if it crosses the limit then it will hurt your ranking. Now there is a game of semantics, Google is so smart to interpret the meaning of your keyword but also find its synonyms.

Posting your post on a daily basis will help to rank in Google. So it is a signal to Google about the freshness of your content. You can keep your old post fresh by updating or rewriting it after some time.


It is important for you to have some knowledge of HTML. You don’t need to be a professional but know how-know is better for you.

There are online sources available that can help you to learn about HTML such as Khan Academy, w3school.

There are four parts of HTML, you should optimize for each post of your content.


It is the headline of your post and it shows up in the tab of browser. The title is represented with <H1> tag, which is the top level of heading.

Each post contain only <H1> tag it convey to Google that it is title of the post.

Meta Description

It is a short summary of your content and Google shows up it as an excerpt for the searchers. It tells the visitors what the content is about.

SEO Yoast is a popular plugin for WordPress; this plugin updates weekly and having advanced features.  You quickly edit your title and Meta description through this plugin.

This plugin help to set Metadata for each social media network. It dynamically updates your XML file when the site grows. It is easily integrated with the search console to get notifications of big problems on your site.


Schema is the product of many search engines working together. It’s essentially a subset of unique HTML tags that enhance how the content is presented in the search engine results pages.


It is not very effective for SEO but still, it is important and it structures your content in a good manner. Your content is well organized in different sections and the reader can easily absorb the content.


This is the last part of the on-page SEO and a crucial part of SEO; everyone should consider it before publishing your content.

Good website architecture gives the user a great experience in browsing your site. It concentrates on such things as fast loading times, a stable link, and a mobile interface.


This is a software to crawl your site from one page to another through internal links. So if it crawls your site easier then it will report to Google that it is a good result.

A sitemap is helpful for the easy crawling of your site; you can install a plugin to automatically generate a sitemap of your site.

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