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A big challenge for a content writer, how to write optimized content for a search engine or content that is appealing to the audience. The important thing you have to do, to build the audience for your blog. 

You have to deal with it in a smarter way. Here, you will follow SEO copywriting. SEO seems complicated for some people but believe me, it is so simple to adopt. It just needs your practice. 

You have to keep your audience in your mind before creating your content. If you know your audience well and your audience understands you and the content is appealing to them then it is the best SEO of your content. 

There should be two purposes of your content writing as given below;

  • Solve a particular problem
  • Satisfy the end-users

Here two goals you have to achieve, to satisfy the end-users and rank in the Search engine. All the steps you will adopt to achieve this goal comes under SEO copywriting.  

What is SEO?

When you type a query in the search engine, it shows up many results, showing the most relevant result at the top position. Search engines rank the results according to the relevance of the query. The results on the first page are due to the implementation of search engine optimization. 

SEO is a method used to make the content more effective and optimized so that it ranks well in search engines. 

The process of SEO starts with the research of a keyword. When a keyword is selected then write content on the keyword. People find the content and if it is effective then share it on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. So gradually people like and share the content and hence the reach of the post increases and more audiences come and read the content. 

Google displays pages based on their domain authority and relevancy. Now google determine the relevance of the page on some factors. 

Google analyzes the content and determines how often certain words are used in the content. Website authority is measured by links from other websites and it also matters how the links are trustworthy and relevant to the site. 

The rank of the website depends on the number of backlinks but it also ensures the links should be from high authority websites. Links from bad sites or low-authority websites have negative effects on the rank of the website. 

Quality will ensure the effectiveness of the website. Quality content and backlinks will definitely help to enhance the website. 

Copywriting Definition

It is an art or science of writing content that prompts end-users to buy your products or take some actions against your piece of writing. To make your content or writing so appealing and attractive that convinces the audience to take some specific action. 

A copywriter has the ability to drive the audience to take some action. He is a skilled and creative person. A copywriter knows the nature of people, chooses such words that will appeal to them. 

From headlines to paragraphs, each section of the content is so well designed that will cause the readers to make a decision easily. SEO copywriter also understands Google, use such phrases and long tails keywords in the content, that will rank easily.  

If you have decided to be an online business entrepreneur. Then you need to survive in this ever-changing SEO world. You have expertise in creating persuasive, attractive, and well-optimizing content for search engines. 

If you are a blogger then fresh content is very necessary. Google likes fresh content. Google keeps crawling your pages and it is a message for Google that the blog is updated regularly or after some interval of time. It is a signal to Google to enhance the rank of the website. 

Writing useful and compelling content that targets specific keywords. People share compelling content on social media platforms. As the reach of your blog increases, it will boost the authority and relevance of your content. 

SEO helps you reach your customers and give you the opportunity to solve their problems with well-crafted content. 

We will discuss six elements that will enable your content to get a high rank in Google and increase your conversion rate. SEO starts before the creating of your on-page content. 

Site Speed 

The loading speed of your site no more than 3 seconds. 50% of users abandon the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to fully load. 

47% of people expect the page load in less than 2 seconds. So site speed affects the ranking of the site. You check the site speed and if it takes more than 2 seconds then take such steps to improve its speed. 

If the site takes a long time to load then it will have a bad user experience.  Users will lose their focus and will move to another page. 


Your headline prompts the audience to click on the link. So it is attractive and valuable so people can easily understand what you meant. You focus on the things you mention in the headline. 

People come to your site after reading your headline. So here, you have to satisfy your audience. 


It is the backbone of SEO copywriting. The intent of user’s search on Google or Search engines is to find useful content. Google shows fresh and valuable content so one should keep its site updated. 

You should keep keywords phrases in the posts and more use of keywords in the content is dangerous. Words count is also considered for the usefulness of a post. The post should contain more than 1000 words. 

We create content for users, so we should know about users and their problems. The content is able to solve their problems. All the things come up with SEO copywriting.

The introduction of the content should be compelling. The introduction comes after the headline. The introduction should contain the long-tail keyword.

Meta Description

It is used to summarize the content for search engines and users to easily understand what the content is about. It is a snippet of text that appears in search results under the headline of the page. 

So it helps users to understand what is inside the content. It is a special tag assigned to the post and the length of the meta description is also defined to be less than 160 words.

It has major effects on the SEO of the site. If the meta description is compelling then it will increase the click-through rates. So the organic traffic will increase and it will enhance the rank of the site. 

Use the targeted keywords in the meta description. Avoid using the same meta description on all pages of the same website. 

Keyword Frequency

It is the number of times you use keywords on the page. For example “best car mechanic in London” the same phrase you use how many times in the post. You will divide the number by the total number of words used in the post, you will get the percentage of the target.  

Today it is not so effective in SEO. keyword stuffing will have negative effects on the site. Google recommends you use about 2% of keywords in the content. Keyword frequency still also in the list of 200 ranking factors. 

Links Building

It is an important element to acquire a traffic search engine. Link building is a long-term strategy for a business to have high traffic all the time.

Link building is a method to get links from other websites. It is a way for users to move from one site to others or it is a way to transfer traffic from one site to another site. A site that provides you a backlink actually shares its traffic with you. 

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