I will compare these terms in this article SEM vs SEO. SEO is considered as a service in digital marketing. There are generally three terms used in the online market, social, search, and digital marketing. These categories fall under digital marketing. We will look at the broad perspective where the term SEO really falls.

Social Media

People think that if we focus on one service then it is okay for our business but this is not true. Users search you on search engines then come to your website; if a visitor likes your website then he would not search you again on Google but follow you on social media so that they get your content instantly.

If I have pain in my knee and search a doctor on Google then I get a link of good doctor after going through so many links so whenever I need to visit that site again I will avoid not to go through the same process, means I approach the link directly so I will follow that doctor on social media and whenever the doctor update their content then I will get the update instantly.

So for a successful entrepreneur, you have to do all the things like digital marketing, SEO, etc. The target is the audience, where your audience exists and how to get the attention of this audience. Audience will target you on search, so search is a big picture and if your audience reaches you through search and then if they like your product then surely he will follow you on social media, here the audience transfer from search to social media platform, so we will work on search as well as on social media.

The important thing for Google is its algorithms and Google will never compromise its algorithms. It is not possible that you pay Google for getting higher ranking because if Google starts giving high rank on payment by different business then Google will flop because we will not get the actual result for which we are searching for.

Ways of Ranking

There are two ways to rank in Google, first is a natural way to rank your site through SEO, It is the purely natural way and if your content is of high quality then it is high chance to have a high rank in Google with free of cost. The second way to rank your site through ads and Google give you an opportunity if you are new and having high-quality content then you can get ranked in Google through ads, it is called Search engine marketing or SEM. So you can adopt both the strategies to enhance your visibility or get more reach to the audience. The links of SEM or sponsored appear on the top of Google page while remaining links are the result of SEO. So it is clear about SEM vs SEO.

Google Adsense

Google ads are a separate product from Google where any business can run ads to enhance their reach and get more traffic or acquire more sales. This is the place where you pay to Google for running ads.

In SEO, there are three types of SEO

  • White Hat SEO
  • Grey Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

For a long time achievement, we have to go through While Hat SEO. Google gives two types of results, the first two or three results are paid or come through SEM or the remaining results come through SEO. SEM is a strategy for those businesses that are new in the market and want more customers then they first focus on SEM to get the result instantly while also adopt the strategy of SEO, which is a little slow process as compared to SEM. SEM is also called Pay Per Click campaign which is very cheaper and you have to only pay when a visitor clicks your ad.

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