Search Engine And Google

Search Engines are machines or algorithms which are based on some specific formulas and follow these formulas. Some people think that they can break these formulas or cheat these algorithms to rank their sites on top position so that they get huge traffics to generate more sales for their products. Here Google is on top of search engine lists and covers 80% of the market shares. The primary business of Google is search and it hired thousands of PhDs and they optimize and enhance the algorithms with time and also make changes to these algorithms and add new features. So if a person breaks their code then he can cheat the Google for limited time because after some time their engineers enhance their algorithms so that no one can cheat it permanently. 

Google allows you to do White hat SEO like Google wants you to make beautiful and useful websites and its loading time is very fast because it gives value to users and against such qualities, Google gives you some reward. Some people think that if we adopt Black hat SEO then it can more rapidly rank their sites and Google run through algorithms with some set parameters, some people become expert to break these parameters and rank their sites and gain lots of benefits but after some time Google trace such false activities and place penalties on such sites. People think that if adopt some activities of White hat SEO and some activities of Black hat SEO then it can easily and quickly get rank on the first page with fewer chances of penalties so this category is called Grey hat SEO.

Human is always in search of something, he needs answers to their question, wants to discover new things in the world so the search is the nature of human. Search depend on the information, as the science is advancing the data is shifting into digital. Mobile, laptop, the computer produces data, stored in some databases. It is estimated that about 53% the world’s population will be connected through the internet in 2021. A large amount of data is producing through these digital resources and it will be multiple times greater in the near future, this big data will be handling through Data Science.

Data science is a new technology used to index big data and extract useful information and the right information. Many search engines were introduced for this purpose and did many inventions but with time some search engines are failed and some win the race. Google is one of the main search engines that make prominent place in the digital world.

What is Search?

There are two reasons behind the search.

  • Need
  • Want

If people need something, he will search or if he wants something then he will go for search. For example, a patient will search for a clinic and if you have a clinic then surely that patient is your target or direct audience. If you are hungry then you will search for a restaurant or a recipe, so all your searches depending on your intent. The intent is very important in marketing and marketer use intent as information to design their strategies.

Why Searches is important?

So if you want to start your business then you will see what people search to satisfy their needs or wants and you will produce what they need or want. If you have a website then there are four channels help you to build traffic to your site, including social, referral, direct and search. So the big channel is search because the traffic comes to your site is qualified traffic because this traffic comes to your website with some intent. if you design or adapt your business according the needs or wants of people, here you have a big opportunity to convert traffic into sales and get benefits for your business. The traffic from organic search is low then it means you are losing in your business so the search is very important for your business.

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