Parts of Desktop Computer

Desktop computer is the first type of computer. Desktop computer is divided into some basic parts. The basic parts include computer case, keyboard, monitor and power cord. Each part has its own function whenever sit before desktop computer.

a computer tower case

 Computer case is made of metallic and plastic. The computer case contains Central processing Unit (CPU), power supply and motherboard. The front side of computer case has on/off button and one or more optical drives. Computer case comes with different shapes and sizes. Desktop case is plat in shape, tower case is tall and sits aside to monitor and other is all in one computer including all the internal components in the monitor.

a monitor

The other important part is monitor. Monitor works with the help of video card. Video card is installed inside computer case. Video card help the monitor to display images and text on the screen. Monitor has control buttons that allow you to change the setting of your screen. Some monitor comes with built-in speaker. Older monitor’s screens are CRT (cathode ray tube), which are much heavier and take up some space. New monitors come with LCD and LED displays. These are much lighter and very thin, called flat-panel display.

Keyboard is important part of desktop computer. It helps you to communicate with your computer. You can store your documentation, information or data into computer by using keyboard. There are different types of keyboard. But mostly the task is done in a same way.

a computer mouse

Mouse is another part of computer. Mouse is a source of interaction with your computer. It is a pointing device, let you to point any file on the screen and move it around. There are two main type of mouse, optical and mechanical. Optical mouse uses electronic eye to detect movement and mechanical mouse uses rolling ball to detect object.

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