My Computer

I love my computer because it is not a simple machine but it is a machine of our future. If we say that our future is computer then it is better to mention here that without this machine, how we can survive.

So, the simple thing is that you cannot ignore this machine. Computer digitize our world and make it more faster.

 It is an electronic device that process the given data or information, it convert the information from one form to other form. It store, retrieve, transfer data. All the office routine is done by computer, like emails, documentation. It is a good source for browsing data and it is a sea of information if it is on internet or connected to the whole world. I am student so it has a great effect on me like I attend my lectures through computer, i prepare my lecture, do presentation, making my assignment; All the task is done by my sweet computer. A great friend of me specially in lonely time, what more i can expect from this machine, it just change my life.

With passage of time, the size and parts of this machine keeps changing. In the beginning, the machine was large in size and the operation was also very difficult. It is not in the access of common public, it was a privilege to access this machine at that time. nowadays it more than a simple and compact machine, and everyone can easily access to this machine.

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