Keyword Density

Whenever we talk about SEO then the keyword is the basic word we use. There are some principles designed for keywords used in a post. We will make our keyword more visible to the audience through SEO. we will discuss the keyword density. What should be the percentage of keyword density? We will know how it will affect SEO practices. 

What is keyword density?

It is the number of times a keyword appears in content or in a post or in a page. It is the frequency of a keyword in content. It is determined by dividing the number of keywords appearing in content by the total number of words used in the content.


It is an abbreviation for Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency. It is a statistical measure to mine a text or determine how much a term is important to content. Google uses variations of TF-IDF to determine in some conditions to analyze the relevance of page content with the query of a user. 

Right Keyword Density

As there is no rule for keyword density in content. There is no clear guideline from Google regarding keyword density. Some considerations and experiences from some SEO experts suggest the keyword density that ensures the visibility of content in search engines and attracts more traffic. 

Keyword Stuffing

Many years ago when SEO has newly entered the market then a technique called keyword stuffing was very used in order to get more chances to be visible in search engines. Fill the content with keywords as much as possible and it feels unnatural to the reader. 

How Much Keyword I Use in Content

Most SEO experts recommend using 2% of keywords in the content. You can use more than 2% of keywords in the content but it is not considered good practice in the SEO community. 

Keyword Variants

It is one of the great practices to use keyword variants for better SEO. it is a slight variation or a synonym of a given keyword. A user can use different words for the same intent or retrieve the same information. If I user type used car instead of the second-hand car then the meaning of the words are the same. 

It will help your content to reach a large audience if they type different words against the keywords you have used in your content. 

Keywords Clustering

It is a group of keywords used to target a keyword in content. SEO professionals use this strategy to make the post or content more visible in Google or search engines. It is easy to get keyword clustering. Google to keyword planner and search a keyword then it will show you a list with different additions to the same keyword then choose and group the best keywords and target it in your content. 

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