Internal Linking For SEO

What is an Internal Link?

It is a hyperlink that points to the page at the same domain. It is a link that exists on the same website. These links are very useful for users as well as a search engine to find the content of your website easily. Users can navigate your website using these links. It is very helpful for google to index your page easily through these links. 

Internal links exist on the menu, post feed, and in the content. Links in the content are called contextual links and it directs users to relevant content. It tells Google what content relates to each other and what value it has. So if a page has more quality internal links then it will get more value from Google. Internal links are very important for SEO.

Internal links are very important for Google because they discover new content on your site. As the owner of your website, you can control the internal linking of your website. 

Google crawls pages of a website following internal links of the website using Googlebot. It comes first to the homepage then following links it starts crawling pages and build a relationship between various pages through these internal links. 

Link Value

Link value is divided among all links of a website. The homepage has the most link value because it has the most backlinks. This link value is shared among all the links that exist on the homepage. 

If you add a new post to the homepage then it will get more link value as compared to the link to the category page. Google will easily find and index the new blog post. The chance of getting the high rank of a post depending on the internal links it has.

Strategies of Internal Linking

You have to adopt the right strategies for internal linking of your website. It is considered one of the ways to improve the fitness of your website. You build internal linking in such a way that helps Google to understand;

  1. The relevance of the pages
  2. Relationship between pages
  3. The value of pages

Design the strategies of internal linking of your website according to your goal.

Website Structure

The pyramid-like structure is ideal for your website. The top is the homepage of your website, below are categories, and then further go down is pages or posts of your website.  

Important Content

Highlight the most important content of your website. Tell the Google what is the most important content of your website. Create internal and external links from that content so that Google understand the value of that content. 

Contextual Links

When you have written so many posts about a topic then you need to create internal links to make a relationship between these related content.

Hierarchical Pages

Make a perfect hierarchical structure of the links on your website such as link parents pages with child pages. Organize the pages so well that same pages look so related and Google will understand the relevancy of these pages. 

Plugin for Adding related Post Section

There are so many plugins available that help to add related posts to your post. You can manually do this. It will help the visitors to find the related posts easily in one place.

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