How to tag someone on Instagram story

How to tag someone on Instagram story

How to tag someone on an Instagram story


With Instagram Stories, you can tag friends in videos to show how much they mean to you. For example: “This is me for my best friend.” But what if the person isn’t in your story and wants a mention? Tagging works both ways! You’ll find everything below – from tagging people as destinations or objects (like hashtags), with their profile photos included, so it’s clear who this goes out to; all of which will make them smile 🙂


Tag someone on Instagram story

To use this feature, you have to open your stories. First, open the story of the person whom you want to tag. Then, click on ‘Tag People’, which is given just below the language bar.

You can find two options there: Tag Friends and Mentions. After that, click on the name or username of the person you want to tag in the photo. And when you are tagging someone in your story, you should make sure that there is at least one mutual follower between you and them.

If the other user doesn’t follow you, they won’t see your Instagram stories. Sometimes people complain that even though they follow each other, Instagram stories are not visible to them.


Instagram Post tags


So you have a cool photo on Instagram, and now you want to know how to tag somebody in a post.

Instagram is a social platform where the main interactions are based around photos and videos that users upload to their accounts. This article will show what tags do, why they’re important for you as a user, and how you can leverage them to increase your reach and engagement.

Tagging is a useful method of notifying someone of a post you have uploaded on Instagram and allowing other users who might be interested in the photo to see it. So basically, tagging somebody’s name will enable them to see whatever you ordered them in. Not only does this mean that they can find content related to the organized entities, but you can also build up your relationship with them by sharing more photos or building a conversation.

Tagging on Instagram is sweet for another reason: it will increase your chances of getting found in search results. The more tags you have attached to your photo, the better – so why not tag everybody?

You can tag up to 30 people in a picture. If you don’t want to tag too many people, make sure the tags are appropriate and relevant to the post! Instagram is used to allow you to include 80 characters of text in a photo caption.

How to Tag Someone on Instagram Post


  • Start Instagram on your phone. Instagram app on your phone.
  • Log in with an Instagram account.
  • Create a new blog post and then add filters, if needed.
  •  In the post settings, select the Tag Person option.
  • Choose which portion of the image or video the user is looking to tag.
  • Enter the username of the person you wish to tag in the search box.
  • You can add multiple tags at this point.
  • If yes, click the check icon located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then, share the post via the account of your Instagram account.

Following that, the post will show up in Your Instagram profile. When the picture opens, you will be able to see the post’s tag—the tag of someone else.

Uploaded Instagram Post Tags


If you cannot remember that you’re not tagged someone in a picture or video you’ve posted, then there’s no need to be concerned. Even though the content is posted, you can include tags or tag individuals at your discretion.

How do you tag posts on Instagram that are uploaded:


  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to your Instagram profile.
  • Select the post you want to edit.
  • Click the three dots on the right upper corner and then choose Edit.
  • Select the option to mark the person
  • Select the area of the image you would like to tag.
  • Find users by username or name.
  • Then, click to save any changes.


This technique applies to all posts you post on your Instagram, whether it’s video or photos. Follow the steps in the above paragraph to tag the user in your post with the hashtag they have already uploaded.


How to Tag on Instagram Story




Your Instagram Story helps you connect with your followers in a whole new way. Besides posting photos and videos, Instagram Stories allows you to add text, stickers, emoji, and more to create dynamic content that gets your point across. You can also tap into your creativity with drawing tools for customizing your story with sketches and doodles. To make your stories even more interesting, you can also include hyperlinks to take people where they want to go, whether a purchase or an online location.

Tagging other accounts is one of the best ways to build brand awareness and promote content on Instagram. Tagging creates instant relationships with other influencers, businesses, companies, etc., and with the right strategy, tagging can also be a fantastic way to bring users back to your profile.

This article will show you how to tag a brand or another account on Instagram Stories. Let’s jump in!

How to tag an account when posting a photo with the text:

  1. Search for the account you’d like to tag.
  2. In the bottom left corner of your screen, tap the ‘+’ icon. This will open up a new text box to type a comment or caption for your photo.
  3. Tap the ‘@’ symbol in the text field to open a list of suggested accounts that you can tag.
  4. Tap the account you’d like to tag in your photo, and a grey box with their handle will appear under your text.
  5. Type your comment or caption without removing the grey box for tagging purposes. Then, your posts will be seen by followers of both accounts!

How to tag an account when posting a photo without text:

  1. Search for the account you’d like to tag.
  2. Double tap on your photo with your finger and hold it down until a new menu appears at the bottom of the screen containing an ‘@’ symbol with a list of suggested accounts based on what is in your picture from your camera roll.
  3. Tap the account you would like to tag, and a grey box with their handle will appear under your photo.
  4. Tap ‘Done’ in the top right corner of your screen and type your comment or caption without removing the grey box for tagging purposes. Followers will see your posts on both accounts!


How to Tag in Instagram Comments


In Instagram, comments are typically utilized to announce that a post has been shared with family members and other Instagram users. While it’s simple to use, some users aren’t sure how to use it.


Here’s how you can tag your friends on Instagram comments:


  • Find the post you would like to comment on.
  • Then open the post.
  • Hit the comment icon.
  • Type the username with an at symbol @ in front.
  • Select your Facebook friends or Instagram users that you would like to be included in the tag.

When you have tagged Instagram friends in your comment section, they will get a notification that someone mentioned them in the post’s comments section.









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