How to stop YouTube from pausing

How to stop YouTube from pausing

YouTube is a video streaming site with more than 5 billion videos streamed every day. YouTube’s servers deal with problems from time to time, such as random or unwanted pausing of certain content on the website.


YouTube can be a great way to share videos, but there are some drawbacks. YouTube’s auto-pause feature will pause your content if it senses that you’re not actively watching or interacting with what is on screen for an extended period of time. Download AutoTube and use their browser extension, which makes it seem like the person still has something new coming through by preventing them from being “paused” when away too long!


Have you ever had YouTube pause without any warning? Well, it might be happening again. Here are several reasons why your videos could have been pausing for no reason at all; read on to learn what else can make them stop!


This problem is not consistent and can happen to any video on the website. It may be that you are watching a clip or catching up on world news, but suddenly YouTube stops the stream and buffers for 10 seconds, then continues playing normally. This might be annoying if it happens often. Fortunately, there are ways of stopping this from happening too.


YouTube is a unique video streaming website with more than 5 billion videos streamed every day. There are some glitches that might affect your experience, some of which are listed below:

The glitch happens for some videos on YouTube due to certain problems with the site’s servers. If it seems like your video or browser has been paused by itself, don’t worry. It might not be you; it could be YouTube having some issues. If any of the above problems are occurring for you, try doing this:


Most solutions to fixing the pausing issue will require users to reload the video or refresh their browser in order to get it working again. This can be an inconvenience if your device is set up to automatically play or loop videos, but it is the only way of restoring video playback. If you are looking for a more permanent fix, try using an extension on your browser such as AutoTube, which will make things seem like they are working properly.


The problem with this method is that even though things seem normal on your end, the person watching the video will still be in “paused” mode. They may not realize it, but they are, in fact, stuck waiting for new content to load instead of watching their show like you are. To fix this problem, make sure that your device isn’t set to automatically play videos when they start playing; this way, no one will be stuck in “paused” mode.


To stop YouTube from pausing your videos, make sure you are watching the clip on the actual YouTube website instead of a video link. Watching it through a direct video link will do nothing to keep YouTube from stopping, while watching it directly on the site will prevent issues with it being paused.


If you are planning to watch a YouTube video through a direct link, make sure that the website you are watching it from doesn’t have any distractions on the screen. While looking at other content is fine, be extra careful if you are chatting with people or browsing other videos while watching one via a direct link because there is a chance this could keep the video from playing properly.


Every time you change tabs, minimize the window and go to another website, or start a new program on your computer, it can cause random pausing of content on YouTube. The best way around this problem is to be careful about what you are doing when watching videos through a direct link. If any of those things are happening, it is best to stop them or play the video in incognito mode.


If there are certain websites that you regularly go to while watching YouTube videos either on your main computer or another device, try adding them to an app like StayFocusd, which will limit how much time you spend on those sites. This way, when your timer runs out, you won’t be able to browse any of them until the timer resets.

Add any YouTube website addresses to your list of blocked sites with this extension on Chrome or Firefox for PC and Mac if you find yourself getting distracted while viewing videos. This way, whenever you try to go there, your screen will remain focused on just YouTube and your video of choice.


Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube Channels, and even Wikipedia have a way for users to set up notifications on their screen when new content or updates are posted by a certain individual they follow. For example, if you wanted to know when a certain YouTube personality has a new video out, you could set them up as a person you follow and select “notifications” to receive an alert when they publish something new.

This feature is what is causing the pausing of videos on YouTube because it takes control of your computer’s functions away from you. It does this by asking for permission to show desktop alerts whenever there are updates, and when the new notification pops up, it will pause your video until you manually click on it to see what is going on.

To stop YouTube from pausing your videos when a notification appears, just turn off desktop notifications for any of the websites that you have added onto your computer. This way, whenever a new alert appears, it won’t bother you with your video. If you would like to know when there is something new on the website, just do a Google search for what you are looking for instead of checking it on the individual site.


Why Does YouTube Keep Pausing?


If you’ve been experiencing issues with your YouTube app, from video pausing to not loading videos or sometimes freezing at particular times of day, then this article will help solve the problem for good.


There are many reasons why these problems occur; however, they all stem back to one root cause: outdated software on their computer like browsers which don’t keep up-to-date can also lead to If it seems as if there’s no progress made after trying different solutions listed below then let me know in comments below!


YouTube Default Settings


The principal reason your YouTube video may pause is because of the Auto-Pause feature. This was designed to prevent you from missing important details in videos while watching them on an otherwise unoccupied device like a phone, tablet etc., but sometimes playing music or cleaning can interfere with how long it takes for us to operate our computer screen and cause this auto mode function to go off without us realizing!


Network Issues


When YouTube experiences disruption, videos may buffer or have errors. The algorithm pauses your buffering video every time there is a network issue unless it’s fully downloaded before starting playback again on the next interruption by someone else who has also uploaded their own content.”


Browser Issues


Some browsers can cause YouTube to pause videos. The most common reason for this is a glitch in the cookies or cache files, but some extensions may also interrupt playback if they’re loaded after you start watching something on YouTube and have pages with heavy content blocking video JavaScript code before theirs does.


Other than internet problems which often lead to buffering issues when streaming live TV through Chromecast from YouTube Live Channel broadcasts (a service currently being phased out), there are numerous factors contributing towards paused status, including browser bugs as well extension downloads during peak hours.


Now that we’ve listed the most common reasons why a YouTube video may pause, it’s time to move on. Moving forward will help us solve this issue!


Tweak YouTube Auto-Pause Settings


YouTube’s Auto-Pause feature is useful for automatically pausing a video if one leaves. However, this may not always be desirable – especially if the user has been reading comments or watching other videos during their break. This guide will show how to disable YouTube’s automatic pause on play behaviour and only pause the video on actual user action.

1) Open the YouTube website and sign in.

2) Make sure you are not currently watching a video, or it may pause when attempting to change settings.

3) Click on your icon in the top right-hand corner and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

4) Under the Privacy and Personalization section, uncheck the option for “Pause Watch History.”

5) Uncheck the option for “Pause Autoplay”.


Turning off autoplay is as easy as installing an extension. There are plenty of options out there, and not all work for every browser, but if you want to use the Chrome or Firefox version called “AutoTube – YouTube nonstop”, then now’s a good time!


You can go to chrome extension stores.


Search for Autotube extensions, then install the extensions and then add to them.


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