How to report a scammer on Facebook

how to report a scammer on Facebook

How to report a scammer on Facebook

On Facebook, unlike other social networks such as Twitter or Google+, scammers and spammers are pretty active. There is always someone hiding behind a clear profile picture, trying to trick you out of your hard-earned money. If you fell for one of those tricks and want to take the proper steps to report the guilty party, read on.

Facebook’s policy says you should tell them as soon as possible if someone is using your account without your permission; also, you can report spam and scam messages if they don’t relate to the personal and family aspects of your life. The most important things to keep in mind:

– Report only people who are not your friends

– Report only messages you didn’t ask for, and they don’t relate to family or personal matters

– Don’t report just because you are angry, upset, offended, or annoyed at what the person said.

That being said, if someone has hacked into your account, goes against Facebook TOS by pretending to be you, or commits any of the offenses mentioned above, you are to report them immediately.

To do so, follow these steps:

1) Click on Report/Block underneath the message or post in question.

2) Click on Spam or Scam. That way, your report will be sent to Facebook’s security team, and they will investigate it as soon as possible.

3) If you are reporting a person pretending to be you, click on Other issue and then pretend name. You will see this screen:

4) If the person is continuing to contact others with your account, please report them again. That way, Facebook will know there might be something wrong with your account itself, and they can check it.

To make sure your report reaches the right person, please add a comment to it explaining what happened. That way, you can help keep Facebook free from abuse and scams. And remember, if you’re ever unsure about whether or not. 


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