How to Promote a Blog

Content is the most important thing to define whether your blog will go successful or not. You first learn how to create effective content for your blog before or after starting your blog. If your content can’t draw the attention of the audience then you couldn’t be successful. 

There are some marketing strategies that will help you in promoting your blog and define each step of creating a successful blog. Content marketing is a strategy you will go with, to enhance or make popular your blog. So if you have good marketing skills then you will have the knowledge of traffic to the blog, share, and comments on the blog.

The real goal of your blog is to get a high volume of traffic before monetizing it. It depends on how you convert your traffic to advertising clicks, affiliate referrals. 

Preparing for Promotion

Before you start the campaign to promote your blog, make sure that everything on the blog is ready. 

Start checking everything you have done to your blog, from purchasing the domain and hosting service to theme and design. 

  • Are you sure that your content is ready for a promotion?
  • Check links on each page of the blog, whether it is opened or not.
  • Open your blog on all famous browsers such as chrome, safari, firefox, to render the pages correctly or they look ok.
  • Check contact info, contact form, and comment sections.
  • The social share button is necessary to make your content easily share on social media.
  • Add the functionality of subscription, so that visitors subscribe to you easily.
  • Set up Google Analytics to track your visitors as well as tell about the top pages of your blog.

After starting your blog, the promotion of your blog should be your primary aim. 

  • You should talk about your niche on social media and platforms so that people start taking interest before you start your blog.
  • Authority and trust are important factors in the blogging community. Try to build a relationship with top bloggers and share experience in a complementary niche. 
  • You should join platforms and social media groups, where your niche is discussed.

There are many ways to promote your blog and we will discuss ways to share your blog.

  • Tell your friends and family about your blog because they should know about what is going on in your life.
  • Emails to your friends, family, and relatives about your blog.
  • Arrange a party for those who know you, then announce that you have a blog.
  • Share on social media, it is a big platform and here you can get a lot of following.
  • Ask the connected people to subscribe to the newsletter, so that they are up to date about the new content of the blog.
  • Add the URL of your blog to the business card if you have.
  • There are many directories available and we submit your blog to it, some are free and some charge you yearly or monthly.
  • Many bookmarking and voting sites, contribute to these sites and share your content to get more exposure.
  • There are such social networks that gather people to help each other to promote each other’s content such as Social Buzz Club and Viral Content bee.
  • You can create groups on social media with others having the same niche. This will generate fruitful discussion about the niche. Hence you will easily promote your niche.
  • Search forums + your niche keyword on google and contribute to these forums and promote your blog.
  • Be active in forums and groups on Facebook because your targeted audience will be on these platforms and you can easily divert it to your blog.
  • There are Q&A websites like Quora where people search for answers to their questions, so solve their problems and give your link in the answers.
  •  Search related niche blogs and do comments on these blogs, so it will help you to make relationships with top bloggers, you will also get exposure and visitors to these sites will notice you.
  • Collaborate with top bloggers having the same niche, it will help you build your confidence and you will get more guidance about the promotion of your site.
  • Allow guest posting because if someone requests a guest post then it means he knows your blog has some authority. 

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