How to Make Money with a Blog

In this guide, you will learn about the money-making blog. I will share such strategies that will help you to monetize your blog. The reason behind starting a blog is to earn money. This is the right guide for you to follow. If a person has already a job then he can start a blog as a part-time earning source. You can also start a blog as a full-time source of revenue. Everyone can start a blog as a source of earning. 

Passive Income

If you heard, the famous bloggers started the blog one day, getting passive income the next day, it is not true.  You consider other fields in real life, which require hard work before getting success. The same thing is true for a blog or any online work. It requires your hard work in the beginning. Once your blog to rank in Google or become famous in the audience then your blog will keep earning while even away from the computer.

Start to Monetize

Famous bloggers suggest that don’t run after money in the beginning. Yes, some strategies are there to help you monetize your blog but don’t give the impression to your audience that is all doing this for advertisement. 

First focus on quality and engaging content, it will attract the attention of many users, as the traffic will grow with time then the blog will be noticed. So hitting a certain level of traffic, you will be able to go monetization.

For example, famous podcaster claims in his book that he didn’t get accepting advertisements until he gets 100000+downloads. Now it depends on you how many visitors you expect per month. These are all pre-plans, you have to decide before starting a blog.

I want to clear two things here, don’t go for advertisement from day one but make a strategy for the monetization of your blog from day one. 

Steps towards Monetization

You have to do one important thing, that ensures your success in the future, start creating an email list. Subscriber list is very helpful in the success of your blog. If you want, your visitors to keep reading your posts then the email list will help you to keep update your users about your new posts. This is your first monetization strategy for your blog.

If you decide to start affiliate marketing with your blog or start selling your products then the email list will give you more benefits. This way, you will email your subscriber about the products.

Different Ways to Make Money

You can earn a good income from your blog. There are different ways, you can adopt to earn from the blog. 

  • Google ads 
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Products
  • Selling Services
  • Sponsorships, Memberships.

So these are all the strategies you can utilize when you become the owner of a blog. These are different streams of revenue, you can generate income through your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

It may be a different term for newbies in marketing. You get a commission for a product you recommended. You don’t own any product, you get links of different products like amazon to offer you, whenever anyone clicks on the link and makes purchases then you get a commission for it. 

Simply you have to sell the products of others and earn commissions. First, select a product of your interest. Then promote the product to the people or find the relative customers. You have to design a strategy that finds the target and relative audience. 

The best option is to start a blog about any product. Choose the best platform, I will recommend WordPress. Purchase hosting from BlueHost and Domain. Create quality and engaging content to attract the attention of the audience. Here, you have to adopt the best strategy to engage and keep busy your customers. Build your credibility and trust in the audience. All these strategies will help you to grow popular and gain high traffic. So you will generate more sales and you will earn more through commission. 

Affiliate Deals

There are three ways to find affiliate opportunities as given below;

  1. Direct Affiliate Programs
  2. Shopping Site Affiliate
  3. Affiliate Network
Direct Affiliate Programs

There are many companies, you can directly interact with them for affiliate programs. So here you find a space to communicate directly and negotiate the better commission.

Go to Google, type “product affiliate program”. You will get so many links to join as an affiliate. It is somewhat hard to find which product to promote. Do some research about your competitor and famous blog within your niche. An experienced and well-researched blogger knows which products are more reliable to promote and earn good money.  

Affiliate Network

It is a marketplace for numerous sites that connect bloggers with merchants, who sell products and want bloggers to promote their products. Now it is a very easy and simple platform for bloggers to find relevant products in one place. I have mentioned some examples below.


This market has 100 retailers with 200 million customers. It sells digital products from cooking recipes to diet plans in 190 countries. 


It has been in the market for 17 years as an affiliate marketplace. This marketplace is famous for its speed, efficiency, and honesty. 


It is the leading affiliated marketplace in the world. They are specialized in pay-for-performance programs, that gives good result around the world. This network helps you to reach millions of customers every day and build a productive partnership between publishers and advertisers. 

Rakuten Marketing

It is also a global market place. It empowers the marketers to engage buyers in purchasing a product. Advertisers and publishers work together to reach a new audience as well as update the existing audience. This marketplace has facilitated more than 100 million orders in 2016.


This market was established in 2009 by Chad French. It is a small market but still achieved great success.

Shopping Site Affiliate

People sell digital products in these marketplaces. Bloggers create content about these digital products or target some specific technologies. Then affiliate links are included in their content about these digital products. 

For example, you select a niche of fitness, then you will create content about fitness. You will apply for affiliate program books about fitness and health tips. 

Amazon Associates

One of the best affiliate programs in the internet world. The best thing about amazon associates is that people trust and like amazon and prefer to make purchases from Amazon. 

eBay Partner Network

It has 800 million listings, so you can offer your audience a variety of products including electronics, fashion, collectibles, etc.

Target Affiliate

You can take affiliate programs of famous brands in the US. it is the fastest-growing retailer in the US. 1 million products are sold every week. 

Best Strategies to Promote Affiliate Products

Give reviews about products or services then include affiliate links in the reviews, when the audience read the reviews then high chances that they click on the links to the products. Don’t write the review already exists on the product selling page but share your experience with the product. Audiences are very advanced in today’s digital world, they know whether your reviews are honest or not.

Banners are very attractive for the audience, so include the banner of the recommended products on your blog.

Send emails to the list when you write fresh reviews about products or services, so increase the interest of your subscribers.

It is very important that you keep updated your audience or subscribers about new promotions such BlackFriday. These are the hottest events, you gain more profits.

Important Note: it is important to include a disclaimer in reviews on the blog or in emails. That you are an affiliate of the product. It is a good habit and builds credibility in the audience.


Digital Products

Digital products include eBooks, software, Courses, etc.

  • eBooks are the fastest growing and selling online. It is estimated at about $16 Billion in revenue generated in 2016.
  •  Online courses in universities are expected to grow at a rate of 5%.
  •   Software-As-A-Service is a large market. Its value was $78 billion in 2015.

There are two approaches you can adopt to sell your digital products.

Directly on your website

You will have full control of your own website. You can organize your sales pages. You will get full profit on your product sale. 

Sell through Established MarketPlace

It has already established its audience so no hard work is required to promote the product. The downside of this approach is, you have to pay a certain percentage of your profit to the marketplace. 

Some of the platforms are given below;

  • Envato
  • Amazon
  • Udemy

Physical Products

You can sell physical goods on your blog such as a T-shirt, poster, shoes, etc. After Covid-19, it is very beneficial to sell physical goods online. The structure of the market is converting into the digital market. Online purchasing of physical products is very flourishing. 


You can sell services to your audience. It may include consulting, article writing, freelancing, website design, programming. It may possible that customers do not approach you but the best marketing strategies will help you to get potential customers. 

Google Adsense

It is a google product that places ads on your blog when visitors come to your blog and click on the ads then Google Adsence pay you against pay-per-click.once you create quality content on your blog, and you get a certain limit of traffic on your blog then advertisers will allow you to place their ads on your blog. 

Sponsored Reviews

When you have good traffic on your blog then brands will trace you to write reviews about their products. So here you should be careful, give reviews on those products that your audience is interested in. Goes for any product will badly affect your audience. Choose the product carefully, keep your audience in mind.


This is a very great way to generate recurring income on a monthly or yearly basis. The reader pays you on a regular basis a fixed amount for accessing your premium content. 

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