How to do SEO

The search engine optimization world is complex and constantly changing, but the basic is simple to understand, if you know the basics of how to do SEO then it means you are far better than the person who doesn’t know about the basic of SEO.

If you practice the basics of SEO then believe me after some time you will become an expert on SEO.

You have to follow some steps in order to do SEO of your website even if you don’t have a professional to help you.

On-Site SEO

First of all, the process of SEO starts with your own website. Consider some important factors related to on-site SEO, to do on your website.  If your website is not well optimized then you can’t go ahead so you have to put some important elements on the site.

You should keep in mind overdo of any of these elements can penalize you from Google. For example according to Google rule that keyword should not be included more than five times then you should follow the rule, otherwise, if you include more than five times then you will get a penalty.

Title Tag

The HTML tag for title is <title>Title</title>. This tag is included on each page of your website and it tells Google about the page content. The length of the title is not more than 70 words, the title also contains your business name as well as the keywords related to that specific page. The title tag is placed in the <HEAD></HEAD> tags.

Meta Description

<Meta name=”description” content=”This page is about SEO”/>

This tag is used to give detailed information about the page to Google. It is not confirmed whether it is helpful or not in the ranking of your website. You write your Meta description keeping the audience in mind because it shows up in search results.

If you are using WordPress then it is very easy for you to include title and meta description to your pages using plugins such as Yoast SEO.

Additional SEO Elements

Title and Meta descriptions are the most important elements of on-page SEO but some other elements that help more optimization of the page in search results.

Internal Links

Internal links building is very important for your web site if your pages are internally linked with each other that it will help Google to understand more about your content. If one page is ranking high in Google searches then it will help other pages to have a high rank, if they are internally linked with each other.

Header Tags

It defines the different level of header tags and divides the content into different sections as well as let the search engine to know more about each section of the content. There are six header types starting from <H1> to <H6>. Each post must contain only one <H1> tag, which surrounds the title of the post and other tags can be used multiple times.

Image name and ALT Tags

Both are important things for the optimization of image, a strong keyword is used to put the name of the image as well as the ALT tag of the image.

<img src=”on-site-seo.png” alt=”on site seo.png”/>

The given tag is optimized for on-site SEO. This help search engine to get images for their optimized keywords.

Bolded Words

It is very attractive for users and Google considers it gives very important information about the content.

How to do SEO Audit

If you have any questions or want to know the quality of optimization of the site there are tools available online like SemRush, Ahref, etc, which help you to find the SEO score of your website. The score range is from 0 to 100, 0 is the lowest score while going toward 100 is getting higher.

Check the health of your site, there are few points to keep in mind while checking the health of the site.

  • You check the overall health of the site, you will get a number, if it is near to 100 then it means that your site health is great and if I am going away from 100 then it represents that there is some issue with your site.
  • Critical errors are major issues with your site; it will affect the site’s health and its ranking in Google.
  • Warnings are also issues but less harmful for the site but still, it needs your attention.
  • Recommendations are given at the end of the results, to suggest following the steps for the good health of the site.

How to do SEO Writing or Content

Content is the king, if your content is engaging and interesting then visitors will stay more on your page, good signal to the Search engine. if the content is large then obviously Google will index all the pages and will consider it a positive sign for the site’s ranking.

Quality content can include many things like articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts, Tutorials, or guides. It requires great efforts to create quality and engaging content for visitors, so if the content is attractive for both visitors and search engines then your audience will grow and in the end, you will get the fruitful results of it.

Off-site Optimization or Link Building

It is the most discussed topic in SEO. If other websites link you then it is called back-linking or link building. Simply, it is like votes or favors from other websites that your site is good and you deserve high ranking in Search engine. if want higher rank for your post then you need to get backlinks for that post against the keyword.

There are ways to get backlinks, some are good and some are not good. There are kinds of link building techniques.

Organic Links

These are the links that you get organically, which means a website itself offers you and if the website is high authority then you are lucky.


This is a good type of link building, it requires your hard work to get quality backlinks for your website.


This is not allowed and bad quality of link building, it is spam and will have negative effects on your website.

It is one of the difficult jobs for a website to generate quality backlinks, to get a high rank in Google. You can quality backlinks by doing the following activities.

  1. Guest post writing: You have to write posts for other high authority website and in return, you get a link with anchor text.
  2. Search for related business’ websites, check if they have provided links to their suppliers, partners.
  3. Create a social presence for your website because it is a healthy signal for the website.
  4. Add your website to directories
  5. Infographics are a good way to get a backlink, create a beautiful design with information, then let other websites use it, in return give you a backlink.  

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