How to Create Backlinks

what are backlinks and get quality backlinks

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink from one website to another website. It is an important ranking factor for a website; if a website has quality backlinks then it is a signal for search engines like Google to rank the website. It means that the website endorses another website for its quality content. So these backlinks will increase the traffic of the website, finally, help the website to be more visible in searches as well as high ranking positions in Google or search engines. The important question is how to create backlinks.

How do Backlinks work

It is important to know how to create backlinks and Its role in the SEO of a website. It helps a website to grow its traffic and getting a higher rank in Google. A backlink is considered as a relationship with other websites and if a website has a good relationship with many websites then it will have positive on the website ranking.

Types of Backlinks

There are two types of backlinks as given below;

  1. Do-follow links
  2. No-follow links

What is a do-follow link?

It is a backlink with HTML attribute; allow search bots to follow the link. If a backlink is coming from a website with a do-follow attribute then search engine and traffic will follow your link from that website. it will add value to your site and helping you rank higher.

What is no follow link?

This type of link is not beneficial for your website. It tells search engines not to follow the link or ignore the link. It is useless for your website because it will not improve your ranking in search engines.

What is toxic backlink?

This is a backlink that weakens the SEO of your website. it may possible that Google may de-index your site.

Some factors are involved which increase the toxicity of backlink.

  • Many pages of the same content from different domains are linking to your site with the same anchor text.
  • If a website is getting backlinks from other websites with low Domain Authority.

How to get backlinks?

It is a process that needs your time and effort. I will share some simple ways to start building backlinks for your website. If you are fresh then three websites you can consider getting backlinks from it. These websites include Quora, YouTube, and Slideshare. Your search for a list of websites with high domain authority which give do-follow backlinks in Google. It is all manual efforts you have to do to get quality backlinks.

Many websites offer you to write for them a guest post if it’s quality is high then they will accept your post and give you backlink in return.

How to get Backlinks without any efforts?

You carry out surveys on regular basis such as on the current situation of COVID-19 then publish its results on your page then many websites will refer you so in this way you will get high quality of backlinks from authority websites. Share these fresh on social media then the combination of backlinks from good websites as well as the social signal will increase the ranking of your website.

Influencer also plays a very important role if you share your conversation with an influencer or interview them and publish on your website.

You should publish infographics on your website. Such a post goes viral very rapidly and shares on social media. It is a very authentic way to get many backlinks on your website.

A quiz is also an interesting thing for visitors to express their opinion, if you publish the quiz on your website then many visitors will come on your website, each visitor will spend some time on your website and Google will rank you for visitors staying on your website for a longer time and in return due to high ranking, another website will give you backlinks.

You share every post on social media because the social signal is also very healthy for your website.

What are PBN backlinks?

A private blog network is a network having many websites that give links to a money website and its purpose is to increase the ranking of the website also known as client website.

Each website in the network is called PBN site and each of these sites in the network is not connected and these sites are unrelated to each other so the linking appears as natural.

How can I check my Backlinks

There are many monitoring tools like Google search console, SEMRush, Ahrefs, etc.  It helps you to check the backlinks of your website.

It is very important to keep monitoring the backlinks of your website. Toxic backlinks are harmful to the SEO of your website. Webmaster guidelines you to get rid of such toxic backs otherwise Google will penalize you by dropping the ranking of your website.

So, it is important to learn how to create backlinks because it is very crucial for the optimization of your website.

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