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The roots of digital marketing can be traced back to 1895 with John Deere writing a magazine. There are some important digital marketing skills to learn in 2020 that help to secure our career. Content as a digital marketing tool is a fundamental source of career advancement. Skills are not only required to build and share engaging content across several platforms, but the content is also designed in such a way to target a specific audience to address their problem so that they are willing to take some actions such as a patient need some medical aid and you as a doctor address his issue by giving some precautions and suggestion for their health.

Today the content is divided into many segments and each attracts their audiences.

  • Blog Post: blogging is very famous nowadays and I also as a blogger doing my job to provide a piece of information to a specific segment of audiences who has an interest in digital marketing.
  • Podcast: It is also becoming very popular nowadays and it is an audio series that is designed for brand awareness and educate people about the brand.
  • Social Media: Today social media like Facebook is a large platform for businesses because social media is great exposure for businesses. If you want to sell your product across the world then you can use the social media platform to sell it.
  • Survey and Webinar: survey and webinar also make an opinion or changes the opinion of people. People are guided through a webinar or seminar to make their choices better.

Now, this aspect is very helpful for those who make their sales booster and help people provide their services across the world. We can easily say that the market is digital and you can access your customers from all over the world through digital media or means.

If you decide to go for some digital marketing skills to learn and flourish your skill then it will help you to get many opportunities.

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Content Marketing Job Title

Brand Journalist

The brand journalist also called corporate reporter, its job is to produce videos to give awareness of the brand for its customers. This journalist works from their home and produce videos to generate sales and leads to the product. Brand journalists also look for fascinating stories of their products to engage their customers to buy the product.

Salary Range:


Personal Attributes

The ability to integrate content with the enterprise’s overall marketing policy.


A brand journalist must be creative, every time he tells the story in a new way to engage the customers.


The organization is very necessary for the work. Small tasks are set to accomplish the full assignment. So the work is accomplished with the help of the organization.

Managing Editor

Managing editor handles the stories of the company, it is not the source of content but its job to manage the flow of content like scheduling, the publication of the content of the company. He is not the creator of stories for the company but he receives such stories and then schedules the content to publish it with consistency.

Salary Range


Personal Attributes

He will take a project from the company about any product then he hires a journalist to write content about the product then he will schedule the stories for publication in a way to engage their customer in a better way.


Content writers or brand journalists who write articles sometimes do not complete their tasks in time or the articles produced by them are rejected then here managing editor comes on the front to handle all the situations and take big decisions to complete the task within time.


Effective communication is very important between managing editor and writers so that a clear message about the goal of the company is delivered.

Content Marketing Manager

He is the boss of the content creator team and coordinates with the entire teammate to create effective stories. He ensures that the content must meet the marketing strategy of the company.  He manages the content, design of the content. He is also responsible for resources and audience development.

Salary Range


Personal Attributes


A content marketing manager should be creative to develop unique and engaging ideas and develop such stories that engage the customers to convert leads into buyers.


He can lead the team and make the most out of his team. He should use his team most efficiently to give the most thrilling ideas for the product of the company.

Project Management

Every project should be managed and scheduled to complete the tasks before the end time. He has the skill to complete every assignment within time.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most demanding skills in digital marketing. He has the main role to implement digital marketing strategies. Today social media is an undeniable force and every company must hire a special team to handle social media. Companies use social media to keep in touch with their customers.  Companies use social for brand awareness of his product and get more traffic and sales through social media.

Social media marketing is the way to place the content before targeted audiences to get high sales. There are some points of effective social media marketing.

  • Content should be delivered to a targeted audience with an efficient way to get high sales at a low cost.
  • The platform is important, the right platform is used to get the right audience.
  • Create shortlists and networking with other business leaders whose impact will push the company’s needle.
  • Know and listen to your audience to get their point of view, converting their needs and problems into relevant content and design the product to solve the problem.

Social media marketing is all about targeting the right audience, make it your family by creating a group of it then delivering your content after listening to their needs, and then make them buy your product.

Possible Job Titles for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketer

Social media marketer is the person who is responsible to drive your data from the company to the audience through different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  He is responsible to keep the content running smoothly on social media by using photos, videos, and graphics.

 Salary Range


Personal Attributes


Social media marketer creates a lot of content and shows the same idea with a different style to make it more interesting to attract more customers.


He has command on effective communication skills, he does not just talk about his product but talk in general so that the customer doesn’t feel that you are just here to sell your product but giving them a vast ground to think about your product.


The social media marketer oversees the raw data and then predicts what will happen shortly.

Community Manager

This is one of the easiest and trending digital marketing skills to learn. He acts as a bridge between company and customer. As we know the social media marketer focus on brand awareness and make it more attractive to customer, community manager focus on building the relationship with the customer, it is handled through social media communication.  A community manager plays a role on behalf of the company as well as the customer.

Salary Range:


Personal Attributes


He has the quality to be humble with the customer, to have a positive impact on community and customer without any hesitation contact with community manager to solve the problem, result in huge sales of the products.

Time Management

Time management has a significant role for community managers because you have to acts as soon as you can any query about the product. If your reply is on time then your customer will be satisfied.


A community manager is like a bridge between company and customers; he should keep his relationship friendly at both sides.

Video Marketing

Video is a great platform for you to talk about your product, here communication skill is very important, and if you are good here then you can convince your audience about your product to buy. Video is a good way to express the story and it is a good medium to engage your audience.

YouTube and Facebook become a big website of videos and it helps to engage the customers and it is very important to know the strategies for videos to be more efficient.

Video marketing should have the following command.

  1. Interviews are significant, stories, demo, and testimonial are organized to meet the need of customers.
  2. Such platforms are selected that are best for your content.
  3. Videos are optimized for search engines with the right tags, descriptions, and titles.
  4. Video editing, animation, and design are important to deliver visual content attractively.

Now a large proportion is shifted from text content to visual content so it has a big role in digital marketing. The storyline of videos for marketing is very crucial and if the content is engaging then it will help to maintain the connections with customers.

Job Titles for Video Marketing

Video Production Specialist

It is also one of the trending digital marketing skills to learn. It covers the technical side of video marketing, its job related to production, editing, and organize the content in video format.

Salary Range


Personal Attribute


Creative and imaginative is the quality, related to video production specialist. He will engagingly portray such ideas and stories.


He should be friendly, help to relax the atmosphere for the creation of beautiful videos.

Task Management

As this is the job of responsibilities and delivers the work on time to make a strong connection with customers, the management of time is very necessary if everything in on time then it will give effective results for your company.

Video Marketing Manager

He is closely connected to video production specialists and planning for content for videos and also feels the sense of a targeted audience. He decides when the content should be published and which audience should be targeted.

Salary Range


Personal Attributes


Video Marketing Manager defines the main essence of the story and decides which story is perfect for which audience.


Research of the content is very important, so the content is well displayed with a powerful impact on the targeted audience.

Cutting Edge

He keeps himself update on the latest tools, software, and other platforms.

Traffic Acquisition

It is all about you know how a company makes money if this skill you acquire then it will boost your career as well as job security.

The person having responsibilities of media buying will handle advertisements. He has the skill to generate more sales and leads through high traffic at the appropriate price.

  1. If you are new to the digital world then paid traffic will help to know your audience.
  2. You have well research on the market, where your ads should be placed with high efficiency of getting high sales.
  3. Pixels are placed to target your audience.
  4. Analysis of the data and create a graph and metric displaying cost per transaction, and more.

He has the main role to make money online by getting high traffic through paid advertisements.

Jobs Title for Traffic Acquisition

Digital Media Planner

Digital media planner will run a paid advertisement, he decides which channel is best for ads running. He designs the whole strategy of the paid campaign. He will try to get the most out of these paid campaigns.

Salary Range


Personal Attributes

Cutting Edge

He will keep himself update about which channel is going to be best for ads.


He will keep his eye on Budget, CPP, CPC, PPC, AND ROI.


He is strategic about all the things going behind all these campaigns.

I have mentioned so many digital marketing skills to learn that help to build your career as a freelancer as well as digital marketing manager.

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