Digital Marketing Skills Resume

Digital Marketing is the advertisement through the internet. Here you approach your audience or customer through digital media. These digital media include social media, websites, emails and search engines.

We will discuss some marketing skills that will make your resume more powerful in 2020.

Content Marketing

It is a form of digital marketing that is related to composing, publishing and distributing the content across the internet is called content marketing.

Companies are focusing to create fresh and continuous content to update their customers as well as to attract new customers. Content marketing is very essential for your product because customers know about your products and what features, you are adding to your products.

According to some sources, 65% of companies are struggling to produce the content consistently while 70% of companies find it hard to produce engaging content for their customers. If the content has no quality or value if you are not engaging your customers that it means you are losing your customers and this will be a loss for your company.

It is a great chance for you if you have a content marketing skill then it is a great digital marketing skill for your resume and companies will offer you a job with attractive packages.

CMS Experience

Every company creates content for its products for advertisement purposes. CMS (content management system) is used to publish content. Word press and Drupal are two CMS and if you have expertise on any of the CMS then this is one of very noticing digital marketing skills for your resume.

Lead Nurturing

It is the process of developing your relationship with buyers at every stage of sale funnel. When content is published then your first relationship builds with the buyers and this process is handled through lead nurturing. If the handling of this stage is effective then the large proportion of leads is converted into sales. If this skill is well developed then mention it on your resume as well as on your social media profile.

Email Marketing

This skill should be included in the digital marketing manager’s resume. Companies want to retain and update customers and looking for such employees who help the company to grow as well as retain their customers and marketing managers use newsletter signup boxes to engage email subscribers. The digital marketing manager has also experience in A/B testing, and email lead nurturing.

Paid Social Media Marketing

Social media has millions or billions of visitors per month and so it is a hot cake for companies to run paid ads to create brand awareness or divert huge traffic to buy your products. Now it needs special skills to run ads efficiently which will result in sales more at a low cost. If you put this skill on your resume then it will add more value to your CV.

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