Digital Marketing For Beginners

It is a misconception that digital skills are only related to tech jobs. It is a vast field and jobs in digital marketing are increasing with time. If you are in sales or marketing then it is important for you to add digital marketing skills to your resume. 

If you are fresh and want to get a marketing job then adding digital marketing skills will make your resume more noticeable. If you are doing your traditional marketing then you should think about digital marketing and learn about it. 


Digital marketing includes all the strategies that are used online to market your product in order to direct your target audience. Influencers are a big thing in the digital market and we face them daily on Instagram. 

If I simply defined marketing then it is all about connecting with your customers. Internet is the place where you can easily find your targeted customers and show what you want about your product. 

Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing

The basics fundamentals of both are the same, search your target audience and then convey your message to them about your product or services. Then convince them to purchase your product. Internet is a virtual medium here, you will adopt different strategies as compared to traditional marketing. 

People are moving towards digital marketing from traditional marketing. Now you need to learn about digital marketing and what tactics you have to follow to make your marketing more effective. You can get guides and courses online, which will help you to learn digital marketing. 

What skills you need in digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is all strategies you have to use to make your content more visible to users when they search about a specific topic or keyword. When I search a keyword and the content comes up on the first page of SERP then it means these sites make use of SEO. 

SEO is applied to online content. You have to optimize your content so that Google considers your page the best answer against a keyword. 

SEO includes the following factors as 

Keyword Research

There is some application like Ahref, keyword planner, etc that will help you find suitable keywords having search volume or people type in google search console. 

Web Traffic Analysis

Google analytic is an application used to find an analysis of your site. It will show all about your site visitors, geographic information. 

Ranking Strategies

Resources are available like Search Quality Elevator to guide you in effective ways in ranking your site. It includes SEO-optimized site content as well as improving the architecture of your site. 

Technical SEO involves loading speed, image optimization, and broken links, all these issues can be solved in the beginning with a web developer. 

Content Marketing

It is a technique of creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract well-defined targeted customers in order to compel them to take a profitable action. Online is the best platform that provides an opportunity for content marketers to publish their content regularly. It is a cheap way to market your product instead of wasting your money on ads.

If your content is valuable and compelling then it will drive the audience through Google. Traditional marketing is limited to a specific area while online marketing has no limit and you can drive your customers from any part of the world. 

The best digital marketing content aims to find the solution to customer’s problems. Content marketing whether in audio, video or written format, describe the benefits of your products and provides guidance on how the product or service will solve the problem.

Blog Post

Here you identify the problems of your customers and then tell them how to solve the problem.

Guide or eBook

This is lengthy information about your product. It lists all the benefits of your product then explains how to take advantage of these benefits. It also explains deeply how to use it to solve your problem.

Video Content

Video content is also part of it. You can use Youtube to publish your content.


It is audio content and nowadays it is becoming more popular. 

Email Marketing

First, you will gather emails from your target audience and make a list of these emails. You can directly send emails to your targeted customers about your product updates and any deals.

Social Media Marketing

It is a very important pillar of digital marketing. You can engage your customers through social media because it is not necessary that your customers will always be on your website. Social media will bring the audience to your website. 

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