Data Science Vs Data Analytics

There are some terms attached with data such as data science, data analytics, data mining, and big data. These terms are closely related to each other and even experts have difficulty explaining all these terms. We will talk about only two terms in this article; data science and data analytics. 

Data Science Vs Data Analytics

Both terms have closely related to data. The difference is, what they do with data. In data analytics, we define data trends, create charts and produce a visual representation in order to help businesses to make strategic decisions.

In data science, we design and develop processes for data modeling and production using algorithms, predictive models, and prototypes. 

Data Analysts Job Description

Each company and industry assign different responsibilities to a data analyst. The basic responsibility of a data analyst is to go through the whole data, derive meaningful insights, and solve the problem.  They first create a well-defined set of data then analyze it by using some tools to fulfill some business tangible needs.

Data analysts will also take help from database analysts, business analysts, financial analysts, marketing analysts, sales analysts. The best data analysts can have good technical knowledge as well as good communication skills in order to share quantitative findings with non-technical persons. 

Data analysts have a strong command of Mathematics and Statistics. They have the expertise of some tools to help in making decisions with numbers.

Data analysts include the following skills and tools; 

  • Data Mining/Data Warehouse
  • Data Modelling
  • R or SAS
  • Database Management and Reporting
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Analysis

The key role of data analysts is to maintain databases and data systems. They interpret data sets by using statistical tools and design reports that show trends, patterns, and predictions based on relevant findings.  

Data Science

Data scientists try to find the unknown by asking questions, writing algorithms, and design statistical models. The job of a data scientist is tough due to heavy coding. They use multiple tools to arrange undefined sets of data and create their own system. 

Data scientists have mathematics, statistics, hacking skills, and substantive expertise. There are advanced degrees available and to make their skills more polished, data scientists go for advanced degrees. 

Data science includes the following skills and tools;

  • Machine Learning
  • Software Development
  • Java
  • Hadoop
  • Data Mining/Data Warehouse
  • Data analysis
  • Python
  • OOPs

The key responsibility of data scientists has to design data modeling processes, create algorithms, and predictive modeling to extract their required information to solve their problems. 

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