Data Science Resume

It would be interesting to write a resume for a data science job. A resume is a formal way to apply for a job in any company so it is the requirement of any company. So it is the first layer of the process to apply for a job. 

A resume is a brief picture of your personal, educational,  professional and experiences. It is very simple to write brief summary of your experiences. We will share some tips in this article about how to write an effective resume. 

Brief Data Science Resume

Keep the resume short and to the point. The length of a good resume should be one page if the relevant experience is more than 10 years for the applying job. The hiring manager receives thousands of resumes and he has only 30 seconds to read out someone’s resume. 

An expert says if a resume doesn’t speak then it will not even call the candidate. If you have any data science projects then mention them on your resume. 

Customized Each Resume According to Job and Company

It is no bad idea that you send the same resume to different companies for a data science job but it would be a good idea that you add some customized tweaks to each resume and send it to different companies. 

You design the resume in such a way that looks so attractive to an employer and he thinks you are most suitable for my company job. 

Every resume includes your past information, experiences, skills, and contact information. Create a unique resume and you can use different templates from free sites such as Creddle, CVMKR, VisualCV. 

It is important to choose the right type of template. If you are applying to large companies like IBM, iTel, etc then the type of template will be more classy while for companies like Facebook, Pinterest, here you will use a resume template with unique coloring and some graphics. 

You can choose whether a column-style resume or a block-style resume and here it is stacked well. You can go for any type but the resume should be simple. The hiring manager has only 30 seconds to scan your resume so make your resume more noticeable. 

Contact Information

It is the important section of your resume. Always keep your contact information on top of your resume. Some resume templates contain your contact at bottom of the resume but if hiring wants to contact you and your contact information is at the bottom then it would be difficult for a hiring manager to go through all the resumes and find your contact information. So it is good to have your contact information on the top of the resume. 

Don’t put in all your physical addresses on your resume. Just mention your city and state you live in. put in your email address and phone number. LinkedIn profile is very good for your job career and makes your profile strong and your experiences and skills. Mention the link of your LinkedIn profile on your resume.  

We will define some sections of the Data Science resume that you will include.

  • Resume Objective
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Skills
  • Projects
  • Publications

All these sections will define all about your personalities and abilities. Two sections are very important such as Experience and projects. Recruiters will spend more time on these sections. The hiring manager will get what he wants from you for his job. You will highlight your key skills in these sections that you would love to do. 

Education and certifications sections will allow you to tell more about the knowledge you gained. This especially for those people who come from different fields and join the data science field and want to get niche specialization in data science. 

You will mention all your publications in form of articles about related subjects. It shows your interaction with the audience about data science. It shows you concept and clarification about the subject. 

Effective Data Scientist Resume Template

There are many styles of resume templates available but the best choice is the one, who stands out from the pile of applications. A neat and simple resume will guide the recruiter to easily go through the resume and pick what you want to get. 

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