Content-Length For SEO

The question arises in mind how long should be the post for getting high rankings in Google.  More words in a blog post, more uses of keywords in the post, and more opportunities to get a high rank in Google. We will discuss the standard content length for SEO. 

Most SEO experts have different opinions about the length of the content. Some experts prefer 400 – 500 words, some experts suggest 2000 words of content best for ranking. 

I found to some extent it depends on the niche or industry you are writing for and how much length is enough to fulfill the query of a visitor. 

It is true some keywords require more words for an explanation, to write long content to define the intent of the keyword. Some keywords are explained with fewer words and more images. Here you need to optimize the images of your content with fewer words. 

SERPs analysis can teach you a lot about the value of a keyword. When you google keywords then many results appear on the first page now measure the length of each page and then consider how many words you should have in your blog post. 

How much value you have added to your blog post depends on its performance. If it gives value to visitors then it will perform well and it will attract more organic traffic. You can measure the performance metrics of your content and update the content to make it better.  

There is no hard and fast rule for the length of content but the main purpose of content is to satisfy the query of users. It depends on you how well you explain the keywords in how much length of content. If content length is about 500 words and the keyword is well explained then this gets more value than the content with more than 2000 words with no satisfaction for uses against that keyword. 

Longer Content

The longer content has more SEO benefits. Studies show that longer content has more chance to get a high rank. It can get high-quality backlinks and if there are more backlinks then it will contribute to the ranking of the post. 

Longer content explains the topic in-depth so it will provide more value as compared to short content. Most users search for knowledge against the query in more detail and in one place. If the content is short then it will go to other places so the focus of the user will lose. 

Now quality backlinks are available easily for quality and valuable content. Industries and high authority sites will prefer to provide backlinks for quality content with more information for their users. 

Dwell Time

It is the amount of time that a user spends on your site or your content. It provides a signal to Google about the quality of the content. If a user spends more time then it will add more value and Google will rank it. So longer content consumes more time for a user.

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