Computer: Slots, Ports and Buttons

If you look at the front and back of computer case then you will find numerous ports, slots and button on back and front of a computer case.

Each computer is different from each other, so the number of buttons, slots is different but mostly these buttons are same. So it is important to know that how these button, slots and ports are used.On front of computer case, following button, slot or pots are mostly same on all types of computer:

1.       CD-ROM or DVD-ROOM: This port used by computer to read or write a DVD or CD.

2.       POWER BUTTON: This button is used to on or off the computer.

3.       AUDIO IN AND AUDIO OUT: This port is used for connecting your microphones, speaker and headset.On back of computer case, there are many ports on it, which are explained below:

1.       POWER SOCKET: you can connect power cord to this socket to supply power to your computer.

2.       AUDIO IN AND AUDIO OUT: microphones, speaker are connected to this port.

3.       EHTERNET PORT: This port is used to connect to internet using modem.

4.       USP PORT: mouse or keyboard is connected to this port.

5.       MONITOR PORT: you can connect you monitor to this port.

6.       SERIAL PORT: This port is less common and replaced by USB port and it is used to connect peripherals like camera.

7.       PS/2: This is a pair of port, used to connect USB or keyboard, the mouse port is green and purple port is for keyboard. But this port is also replaced by USB port.

8.       EXPANSION PORT: These ports are empty and it is used for expansion cords. For example if there is no video card in your computer case then you can install a video in it.The basic setup of desktop computer includes monitor, keyboard, mouse, CPU.

Now you can connect many other peripherals to you computer by connecting to available ports. The most common are given below:

1.       PRINTER: It is used to print your documents, photos or anything that appears on your screen.

2.       SCANNER: It allows you to copy your physical photo or document to your computer.

3.       SPEAKER OR HEADPHONE: These are output devices used to send information from computer to users like hearing music.

4.       MICROPHONE: It is input device that you can used to record your voice to your voice to your computer.

5.       WEB CAMERA: It is also input device that we use to record video and take pictures.

6.       GAME CONTROLLER AND JOYSTICK: These are used to control your games.

7.       DIGITAL CAMERA: It is used to capture your photo and record your video in digital format and save it to your computer.

8.       MOBILE PHONE, MP3 PLAYER, and TABLET: These devices are also connect to your computer. These devices come with USP cable.

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