Best Books on Copy-Writing

Best books on Copy-Writing

Best Books on Copy-Writing   The craft of copy-writing is a difficult one. You have to be able to use persuasive language and captivating headlines while being mindful of the audience you are trying to reach. With so many factors at play, it can be hard for beginners looking for guidance on how best to …

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SEO CopyWriting

SEO Copywriting

A big challenge for a content writer, how to write optimized content for a search engine or content that is appealing to the audience. The important thing you have to do, to build the audience for your blog.  You have to deal with it more innovatively. Here, you will follow SEO copywriting. SEO seems complicated …

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Keyword Density

Keyword Density

Whenever we talk about SEO then the keyword is the basic word we use. There are some principles designed for keywords used in a post. We will make our keyword more visible to the audience through SEO. we will discuss the keyword density. What should be the percentage of keyword density? We will know how …

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Content-Length For SEO

Content-Length For SEO

The question arises in mind how long should be the post for getting high rankings in Google.  More words in a blog post, more uses of keywords in the post, and more opportunities to get a high rank in Google. We will discuss the standard content length for SEO.  Most SEO experts have different opinions …

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Internal Linking For SEO

Internal Linking For SEO

What is an Internal Link? It is a hyperlink that points to the page at the same domain. It is a link that exists on the same website. These links are very useful for users as well as a search engine to find the content of your website easily. Users can navigate your website using …

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What is Copywriting?

What is Copy Writing

It is the art of writing content for the purpose of marketing or creates awareness of a product in an advertisement. It is a sentence or group of sentences that are written in a way, to attract or convince prospective customers to take an action. You hire a group of salesmen to reach large customers …

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WordPress SEO

wordpress seo

This guide will talk about WordPress SEO and the mystery behind the search engine. How does it function? And what strategies you have to adopt that search engine favor you. First, we try to understand the basics of Search Engine. We will cover some elements related to SEO, including websites, design, and content. Today, it …

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