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Top Gigs on Fiverr

top skills in fiverr

There is high competition on Fiverr. If you search for a particular skill then you will find thousands of Gigs for that skill. You have to satisfy your customers with your Gig. what you can do the best for your customer and why customers choose you for their work. I will discuss some Gigs below, …

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What is Digital Marketing

what is Digital marketing

Digital Marketing It is the use of the internet, social media, a search engine to reach your final customers. It is a new way of marketing as compared to traditional marketing. So it requires new ways to reach your customers with different behavior. Digital marketing has a specific audience and this platform is interactive. You …

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What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

cryptocurrency mining

It is a process in which various forms of cryptocurrency are verified and then add to the blockchain digital ledger or It is a process that verifies the transaction between two users, then adds to the blockchain public ledger. Mining is the production of new coins in the existing cycle of cryptocurrency. Mining allows cryptocurrencies …

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How to Promote a Blog

how to promote a blog

Content is the most important thing to define whether your blog will go successful or not. You first learn how to create effective content for your blog before or after starting your blog. If your content can’t draw the attention of the audience then you couldn’t be successful.  There are some marketing strategies that will …

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Freelancing After COVID-19

freelancing after covid-19

After the breakout of Covid-19, the way people thought, has changed. Now people start approaching their life with different angles. So we will discuss freelancing after COVID-19. Freelancing is a way to earn money from your home or you have not to go to any office. So it is a home sitting job.  If you …

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What is a Blog

what is a blog

Blogs began in 1994. It was considered as a personal diary shared online. You shared your daily routine life online. Then people took notice of it, started to share information online. This was a new way to communicate with your audience through a blog. So a new world of the blog was introduced.  Blog Definition …

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