The laptop is running slow

laptop is running slow

Does your laptop work slowly? Whether new or old, Windows, or Mac, it is not a pleasant experience to use a sluggish laptop. You can consider many ways to boost the speed of your laptop by adding RAM and faster storage or you can remove such things from your laptop that can slow your laptop …

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Facebook Boycott Barely Can Make a Dent

Facebook Boycott Barely Can Make a Dent

You may have noticed the news of the #StopHate4Profit Facebook boycott movement. Big companies boycott Facebook advertising to convince the social media giant to take advantage of people. The campaign is based on Facebook’s wild hate speech, incitement, and misinformation and its policies are insufficient to address these issues. Companies That Boycotted Facebook so far …

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How to Create a Blog

how to create a blog

Creating a Blog is easier than ever and if you are a complete beginner who has nothing to do with the coding or web design. With some guidance and the right tools, you can create your professional or your own personal blog within an hour and can go online. In our step-by-step guide, we will …

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Why Laptop heating up

why laptop heating up

There are many reasons why laptop heating up so hot but the most common factor is the dust buildup around the fan which traps the heat inside the processor.  Many internal parts of the laptop are at risk due to this heat. To avoid any damage to any internal parts of the computer, it is …

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