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If you are involved in learning about the best models of laptops so you are in the right place. It doesn’t really matter what you’re buying but it definitely matters to the brand in 2020. The same happens to laptops and computers, and only a few manufacturers provide reliable and robust devices. Nearly everybody has their favorite laptop brand and it is important to know how most of the brands are currently performing.

Nowadays finding the best laptop for personal use, is a little bit difficult; there are so many brands available with a new generation in the market and experts like us get confused. It is important to consider every aspect of the laptop you are going to purchase.

It is not only about the brand or considers its design and specifications but you will go for its technical support, value for money, and its performance.

A lot of research involves choosing the best laptop for personal use and it is a very tough decision for an average person. Here you need an expert opinion with a professional and personal touch. I will provide you a list of best 10 laptop brands that will help you to choose the best brands for your personal or professional use.

The ranking of laptop brands is based on their features, support, price, performance, durability, and popularity.

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Apple is definitely one of the names of choice when it comes to notebooks, computers, laptops, smartphones, and music players. Unlike other brands, Apple has its own pre-installed Mac OS on all its computers including iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the new MacBook.

Apple tops categories such as customer service, price production, user friendly, architecture, power, and display. With a backlit Apple logo on the rear, their laptops are incredibly glamorous making it one of the greatest items to display off. Unlike Windows, it absolutely errors free and extremely simple to use when it comes to OS.

The reason Apple is number one is their efforts, their inventions, and their consistency. Apple’s MacBooks do have no competition if we find reliability and longevity, and most of their goods last for a very long time.

As far as portability and lightweight are concerned, Apple’s  MacBook Air was the first laptop so thin and light. The Retina technology is a well-known screen which provides a bright and clear display that none of us would ever have imagined.

You should also know that most of their products come with a 14-day return policy that can be very supportive to most consumers. So that’s the reason that we list it as the best laptop for personal use in 2020.

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If you’re searching for the best Windows laptop, you’re probably going to have to go with Dell. Their technical and after-sales support really deserves praise and is appreciated by users all over the world.

Most Dell laptops are budget-friendly and their design and hardware are extremely simple and powerful. Dell has not been as successful in the past as it is today and it has definitely been their XPS series that has changed Dell’s game.

Notebooks from the Inspiron series have helped them to where they are today. Alienware is their brand for gaming machinery and their scores have been on the high level since it came into being.

Dell is a best laptop for personal use in Windows because of its support, professional design, fair rates, and durableness. If you have decided to go with one brand forever, then three variations of this brand, including Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware, are easy to use.

For budget users, Inspiron is the perfect choice where XPS can be used for high-end uses and Alienware for gamers, of course. According to some figures, Dell is one of the best-selling laptop brands in 2020.

Their laptop collection is a little bit hard to count and mostly their notebooks have added all the latest features such as touchscreens, backlit keys, powerful processors, and long-term batteries.

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Lenovo is one of the top laptop companies and prices are somewhat higher than other companies. But their laptops are suitable for all kinds of tasks and anyone including professional gamers, businessmen and college students can use them.

They are greatly known for their laptops in business class, which offer not only power but also great flexibility. The Yoga and Flex series consists of some of the 2020’s best portable laptops. Recently the Chinese brand started to produce smartphones and is known for its batteries that last long.

They manufacture electronics that included desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, monitors, and projectors. They are flawless in numerous features including graphics, touchpad, keyboard, display, and quality audio.

Lenovo also announced the release of their gaming brand called “Lenovo Legion” and will release laptops similar to ASUS’ ROG and Acer’s Predator.

The value they deliver on their devices is incredible and most of their notebooks have a strong build quality.

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ASUS laptops are commonly considered to be inexpensive compared to other brands and maybe the reason behind their in-house motherboard production. Their mini-laptops and Chromebooks are well known as the best budget computers.

Most of their hardware, including HD screens, disk drives, and obviously motherboards, is of the highest quality. Today, they have a wide selection of computers for high-end gaming features from affordable notebooks. Recently, they have also strengthened their technical support, so you can get help from them via telephone, Twitter, or Facebook.

Their budget machine also gives high performance with quality features including an HD display, battery timing of over 4 hours, which means ASUS cares about the experience of their users. They use premium quality of material even if you purchase their product under a range of $300.

ASUS produce extremely powerful laptops for gaming purpose and nowadays gamers prefer ASUS ROG over MSI and Alienware machines.

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It is also called Hewlett-Packard and it is the oldest brand in electronics but with time its popularity graph has decreased.  It has a good name in desktops computers with high performance and reliability and widely used by gamers and professionals.

If we talk about laptop then it is considered better than ASUS and ACER because of its durability and performance. The big issue with HP laptop is its battery like which is unpredictable and therefore most users avoid purchasing HP laptops.

Besides laptops, the performance of their printers, desktops, and monitors is better. Their customer support service is appreciable in countries like the US, Canada, England, and Australia.

HP has a high collection of laptops with a range from $200 to $2000 and anyone can afford to purchase a laptop of HP. Their machines are available with high performance, hardware, design, and display.

The most popular series of HP are Spectre, Pavilion, Elite, and Envy but one negative aspect of HP is that they produce no innovation in the last couple of years. 

It is a fact that HP does not offer a stylish and attractive design but it is highly durable at very affordable prices with warranty and customer support.

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