Benefits of Virtual Teams

There are many benefits of Virtual teams that tons of companies are already required to continue operating remotely because of COVID-19. It encourages workers to maintain social isolation to keep themselves healthy and to prevent spreading the infection to others. But better personal health is not the only benefit of getting a virtual team. Virtual teams will support the business in lots of ways.

We’ll move into just the virtual team benefits and make you realize that it’s the best option for any organization at any time.

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What is a Virtual Team?

It is a group of people who work on the same project but they are connected through the internet sitting at home.  It means that the virtual team doesn’t share a common office-apace and work from their respective homes.

The virtual team does the same work as the in-office team does it. As they are not physically present in the office so some drawbacks of the virtual team exist but still it is very productive in some cases.

Benefits of Virtual Team


A virtual team is very cost-effective as compared to the in-office team. It covers some space that cuts the cost of business.

  • Rent of office.
  • Electricity bill and Wifi bill.
  • Equipment like computers, servers and maintaining expenditure.

A virtual team is responsible for all these expenditures and in turn cost-effective for your business. You have to consider one thing, software because all your task management will depend on the software but here cloud-based SaaS tools are very affordable and giving you lots of saving.

Hire Anywhere

You are not limited to a specific location; here you are free to hire anyone from any part of the world. You can hire the best talent which is more productive for your business. It also helps you to hire a team where salaries are low like India, Pakistan, etc.

Easily Scalable

When your business grows then you hire more employees, you need more space and equipment like chairs, tables, computer, etc. virtual team will help you to cut such expenses and you can easily scale your business because the virtual will take care of all these things such as space, utilities, and equipment.


As I told earlier that you can hire a person from across the globe so the time zone is different in different countries so employees’ availability would be 24 hours a day. If you hire your team from a different region of the world then it will ensure your business operates 24/7.

Happier Employees

It will also help the employee to be more productive. An employee can work for more than one company so he will earn more as compared to an in-office employee.  He will not go office daily so he will save more time and spend it on exercise on other productive things.

Balance Life

He will spend more time at home with family and has more time to spend his quality time with children and parents. Flexible work hours will keep him calm and satisfied with his work.

How to Manage Virtual Team

We have discussed many benefits of virtual team for the company but we can’t deny their drawbacks such as;

  1. Communication with a team member.
  2. Project management.
  3. The productivity of single-member as well as productivity of the whole team.
  4. File sharing and storage.

But there are many such tools are available that can solve these problems.

Communication Tools

Virtual team means that all the member of the team is not at the same place and also you are far away from your company. So much communication tools are available that we can use to effectively communicate with your virtual team via text or video and audio calls.

  • You can use tools like Slack or Microsoft teams for instant messaging or any queries and you can share your files and document.
  • You can use video or audio calls for a more detailed conversation to clarify your doubts and for video calls, you can use Skype, Google hangout, etc.

Project Management Tools

When your team is not with you at the office then here you need project management tools like ClickUp and Wrike. These help you organize and track the project, remind you about the due date of the project, share file attachment, and also track the performance of each virtual team member.

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