8 Effective Steps to Follow in Copywriting

We will discuss some fundamentals of copywriting. These basics will surely help to put you on a successful path. It has a very important part in business marketing. Good copywriting can generate huge sales.

Exploit the Benefit of a Product

You should know the benefits of your product. The benefit is the value of a product that you deliver to a customer. You help your customer with the value of a product. You have to choose better words that suit your product and describe the reason why customers choose your product and what is unique in your product as compared with competitor’s product.

You should be aware of every benefit of your product before writing something about it. Then you would be able to convince a customer about what value the product can deliver.

Competitor’s Weakness

Search the characteristics that differentiate your products from competitor’s product. once you know the weakness in your competitor’s product then it would be easy for you to ensure the customers who terrible it is to buy competitor’s product.

Find your competitors in the market then research about their product what they offer in product or services. List the elements that are worst in a competitor’s product, then offer best and accept challenges if someone challenges you. Be loyal to your customers and always be realistic in your offerings.

Know Your Audience

There are thousands of ads showing on social media, and you don’t see all ads but you watch ads of your interest. Each ad is designed for a specific audience or you will target a specific audience for your ad.

First, know your customers then study their behavior. a study shows that 20 percent of customers purchase 80 percent of a product so it 80/20 rule in business phenomena. so that 20 percent is your best customers and you have to find that best customer.

You can build a demographic profile for your customers. Below are the points that you can use to target your customers.

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Income
  4. Interests
  5. Occupation
  6. Family Status
  7. Ethnicity


There are some reasons behind your advertisement, so you must be clear about goals. copywriting should be different for each ad because each ad has a different promotion goal.

You design ad with different objective such as;

  1. Product or brand awareness.
  2. Generate leads
  3. Share information

You communicate with your customers that how this product make easy your life, save your money and time.

Prefer “You” over “We”

It is important for you, how you address your customers. You will not talk about your company or service instead you will talk about your customers. So you will use “You” instead of “We” in your copywriting.

For example you say “we will solve your problem within 24 hours” or “You will get rid of your that problem next day”. So in first sentence you are talking about your company and in second sentence you are talking about your customer’s problem.

Understand the Medium

You will write copy for different medium. Each medium has different tone and style. You will adopt different tone or style of copy for billboard as compared with magazine or social media ads.

Too much Information

Detailed information or too much information is very risky for you to lose your audience. Short and effective copywriting tell your customers to take any action and if your customers need more information then he will contact you.

Include a Call to Action

The main purpose of copy on an ad is to urge the audience to give some response or take an action. Call to action is important element of any copy, that tell the audience to respond. It is a way for customer to reach your product or services.

You should always prefer active voice over passive voice. The active voice sentences are action-oriented while passive voice sentences represent actions in remote manner.

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