Copywriting vs Technical writing

copywriting vs technical writing

What is copywriting vs. technical writing?    Many people believe that writing is mainly about conveying information specific technical information. But, for example, there are many kinds of writers in the tech industry who need to communicate complex ideas.   A writer can develop an idea and write it down, but every word requires careful …

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Best Books on Copy-Writing

Best books on Copy-Writing

Best Books on Copy-Writing   The craft of copy-writing is a difficult one. You have to be able to use persuasive language and captivating headlines while being mindful of the audience you are trying to reach. With so many factors at play, it can be hard for beginners looking for guidance on how best to …

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How to get into Big Data?

How to get into Big Data

  Big data is a term that describes the process of examining large sets of data, which include both structured and unstructured forms to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information. This can take the form of content such as social media updates and GPS locations, in addition to more conventional transactional data …

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How are computer screens measured?

How are computer screens measured

The horizontal and vertical display resolution generally measures computer screens. We will look at the resolution in more detail. Still, it is important to mention that manufacturers often use misleading marketing tactics to inflate the specifications of their screens, so before buying, ensure you check reviews on reputable websites such as Anandtech. The most common …

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