Tools of SEO

There are so many tools for SEO, some are paid tools and some of them are free. There are prominent ten tools for SEO which are list below;

1. Google keyword Planer This tool is used for keyword research, when you are making a page or blog then there are need of some relevant keywords. We search some relevant keywords by using this tool. This tool tells us about the analytic view of keywords. This tool tell us how much that keywords search monthly and globally and how important is that keyword and how many people invest on that keyword.

2. This is a website and also a tool use to track our optimized keyword. It tells us about the progress of keyword. It tell us the ranking position of the keyword in search engines like Google, yahoo etc.

3. Google Webmaster Tools It is very famous tool of Google. This tool has all the information about your website. It tells us how much visitor come to your page.

4. It has many tools to check the rank of keywords and track the keywords. It is free tool and has domain checker.

5. is very large company which ranks your website on the basis of traffic or visitors. It displays other details of your website. It has free services and paid services.

6. This tool is used to find how many backlinks on your website and show the domain authority of your website. It tells the root domain and sub links etc.

7. It helps to find the backlinks of your website.

8. This web tells A to Z information of your website.

9. This tool inform about the dead to broken links of your website which are not helpful for seo.

10. is a website which is a collection of many tools

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