On Site Optimization

Creating the content

First examine your keywords and group them with relevant terms and search for a phrase with high volume and low or middle competition, using this group of keywords in each web page. Determine the SERPs of every keyword and find which format you have to use in your content. When you chose a keyword then here you think, what value you add to your content that make it different from pages that use the same keyword.

Your aim should be to provide value content that satisfy the queries of visitors and help them to easily understand what they want to learn or what you want to deliver them. If your main aim is to get higher rank rather than provide facilitate your users then definitely it is your bad tactics.

It is a common factor for a site to create a unique content because duplicate is not allowed and will be punished and for the intention of high ranking, same group of keywords is used in different pages of same site, means to increase the iteration of crawling and indexing for higher rank, will be not helpful and today Google or search engines are more update than before. For example if you have design individual pages for products of same category like selling dresses of women, winter dress, summer dress and only the difference is season factor, then such type of tactic is going to be not helpful for users.

Duplicate Content

It means that same content is shared between pages of same domain or different domain. So duplicate content is considered a crime in internet world and scraped content is copying the content from other websites with slight changes with no logic. You can use duplicated content under same domain but Google suggest to use a tag (rel= canonical tag) to point to original content. So uniqueness of content is very necessary.

Keyword Stuffing

It is a wrong concept that if you include a keyword in your content X-times deliberately with no value to your visitors for enhancing your ranking. If you content is clear and easy and the keywords you include, how many times but in correct place then it is a good idea but if you deliberately includes your keywords just to increase your ranking then it will have no effect for your ranking.

Auto-generated Content

It is considered offensive if you are creating your content through auto-generation in order to get high ranking it is useless effort because such type of content is of low quality with no value and logic.

There is no big deal for ranking in Google but there some steps to be taken which help you to rank your pages. Google know that what is the best answer to the searcher queries, pages with high value content for the visitors. It is not enough that you have created unique content but your content has some value and best answer for the query of searchers because there will be millions of content for the same keywords but the same content will satisfy the query of searchers.

Header Tags

It is HTML element used for heading or title of the page, presented with H1 tag and look like <h1>header</h1>. There are also other heading tag which start from H2 to H6 and these heading tags are used in descending order from H1 to H6 having effect on SEO of the page. The title of each page should be unique and title should include keyword in their phrase because search engine crawl and index your page by using title of the page, so if title includes your keyword of the content then definitely it helps in SEO to rank your page.

Internal Links

The links that goes from one page to different page under same domain is called internal links. It is helpful in crawl-ability of your website and share link equity around website. Internal links help to establish site architecture.

Image Optimization

Image create hurdle for fast loading of pages so here the compression of images is necessary. The format of images is also considered to optimize your images. If high image resolution is required then PNG format should be used and if not required then JPEG format should be used, GIF format is best for animation.

Alt Text

Alt text is important and search engine bot read alt text description to help your site in optimization.