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Introduction of Google and Types of Search Engines

Search Engines

There are three important parts of SEO, 1st is search, 2nd is search engine and 3rd is optimization. We will talk about search engines, how many types of search engines and how many categories of search engines. For example, if you want to search for a location then you goes for Google map, it is a type of search engine which is only specific to search locations for you. If you search for a video then you go to YouTube and if you search for other types of information then you go for different types of search engines. As information is growing with time then their categories are also expending, so different categories have different search engines. This all is happening due to new technologies and making things simple for us.

Categories of Search Engine

There are many types of search engines like general search engines including Google, Bing, etc. that search all categories of information such as images, video, doc. YouTube a is video search engine and Google image is for searching images, book search engines search only books, other search engines are audio search engine, map search engine, job search engine, Q & A search engine which is nowadays expanding, business directories. So Google is a general engine and it also has specific search engines.

Every search engines have its parameter and qualifications to index its websites. Google is securing top position because of different reasons and has merged many products like Google maps etc. The average monthly searches of Google are about 100 billion. It means that you have 100 billion opportunities to rank your content. There are also other search engines like Bing which is an updated version of MSN by Microsoft and this search engine has a reach of 30% in the United States. Some people believe that Microsoft has many other products, so the Bing reaches the people by default due to the usage of Microsoft products.

If you talk about the monthly searches then YouTube secure 2nd position but some people believe that it is not a search engine and consider it a video website and it is estimated that 75000 videos are watched every second. Quora is a question answer search engine and if you have any questions then you put the questions and you get answers by the community. There is also a regional search engine like Baidu; it is the main search engine in China because Google is not mostly used in chine. Another famous search engine is internet archives. It collects information about all websites and it is like a library. If a website does not exist then you can get a snapshot of the website in internet archives.

We mostly talk about Google in the case of SEO. So if we are doing SEO then we will follow the guidelines of Google. Google has a major share in the market, we can do SEO for other search engines but here we will focus on Google.

In the beginning, Google was introduced as a search engine, then with time Google introduces many businesses and now Google is the owner of many businesses. Google has launched many products in different categories.

Google products in different categories

  • Web-based Products
  • Search tools
  • Advertising Services
  • Communication & Publishing tools
  • Developments Products
  • Security tools
  • Map-related products
  • Statistical tools
  • Operating Systems
  • Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Web Apps
  • Mobile Standalone Apps
  • Hardware
  • Software

The common Google products we are using in our daily life are given below;

  • Gmail: It is a very important service of Google after search it changes the concept of email, before Gmail there are many programs for email but it was not as convenient as Gmail.
  • Google Drive: It is a free database where you share your documents or files.
  • Calendar: It is also an important service of Google; you can schedule your meeting by using the calendar.
  • Google Map: This service makes life easy for the people, it helps to find easy and short way to commute between two places.
  • YouTube: YouTube provides you video content.
  • Chrome: It is also a product of Google. Google launch his browser rather than depends on other’s company browsers.
  • Google Translate: If you want to translate from one language to another language. This app is majorly used.

These products are commonly used and everyone knows about these products and their usage. There are some other products as well as use for specific tasks, these products are not very familiar to people. Google launch products for businesses such as;

  • Google ads: Google earns through Google AdSense, it is main business of Google. Google place ads on someone’s websites and when visitors come to the websites and clicks the ads then Google gives some portions of money to the website’s owner.
  • Google my Business: If you have physical business and then list your business on Google map and add some photos and latest updates. If someone searches for your products then Google shows your products on one side.
  • Google Analytics: It is a free tool from Google, where website’s owner tracks visitors of their websites, where it comes from, and what they do on the website. This tool also helps Google to analyze the performance of website.
  • Tag Manager: This tool is introduced by Google to handle massive code installation on website.
  • Search Console: If you have a website then you register your website on search console and if Google face any problem related to indexing to your website then Google send alerts through search console. You are getting informed about how many pages of your website are indexed and how many pages are blocked through search console.  

There are some other common office products which we use offline and Google also introduce these online and you can use Microsoft office online. Some other common products which we use on daily basis are given below:

  • Google Photo: This product is mostly used on mobile and it save your photos in high resolution.
  • Google Contact: This service is used to save contacts of your mobile and give free space.

Google is also going towards hardware products, launch pixel mobiles. Google also produce assistance products such as home. Android in your mobile phone is also a product of Google, some also products include Google watch having software of Google. Google also produce Wi-Fi product to solve the product of Wi-Fi and modern setting.

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