Basics Type of COMPUTER

Software is a set of instruction, written in different language like C++, JAVA etc. There are different types of software, written for different tasks. Software are placed or installed in a computer to react to a specific problem or to perform a specific task. So here, we mention computers are available in different sizes and types. A computer can be as large as occupying a large building and as simple as tablet or mobile.Computers are generally by size and power, and there are basic four types available to us as given below:1.       Supercomputer2.       Mainframe Computer3.       Minicomputer4.       Microcomputer

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Supercomputer is one of fastest computer. These computers are very expensive because the rate this computer to process, is very high. The performance of this computer is very high as compared to others. Specialized applications are used in supercomputer to perform large amount of mathematical calculations. These computers are used for weather forecasting, research, exploration purposes like NASA. Supercomputer is used to launch space shuttles and controlling them.

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Mainframe computer is second powerful computer. Mainframe computer is also very expensive and require large space. Many large firms and government organization use mainframe computer. This computer can also process large amount of data. 

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Minicomputers are small in size as compared to supercomputer or mainframe computer. These computers are small in size and just occupy small space on your disk. It is not very capable to store or process a large amount of data. Minicomputer is not designed for single user but it is used in a department of a company for a specific purpose. For example, it is used in a production department to monitor some production process.Microcomputers are the computers that we used in our routine life like desktop computer, laptop, tablet and Smartphone. The market of these computers is very large because the user is large and it is growing very fast. As compared to other type of computers, these computers are very cheap. Microcomputer is specially designed for general usage such as education, entertainment, games etc.

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